Ringing in a New Year

Well it’s that time of year again.  We all sit down and promise to lose weight, to get organized, etc but this year I’d like you to join me in a resolution to get a hold of your lives.

I will be joining Precious over at Frugal Makes Cents in her Money Savings Challenge.  The goal is to save as much as possible through 2 methods.  1.  No buying items we don’t really need (there will be exceptions) and 2.  Saving as much as possible on the things that we do have to buy.  These are some things we’ll be doing

  1. Using every last bit of food.  No food waste means no throwing money away.  If it has a bone in it we’ll be having soup or stew the next day.
  2. When I find toys/games/gifts on sale for very very cheap we will be picking them up and putting them away so that we are prepared for birthday parties and holidays.  I’ve already started putting away things for Shawn’s birthday in Oct.
  3. I will get back in the habit of watching the utilities like a hawk.  If that means following around Dave and Shawn and flipping switches behind them then that’s what will happen.

I will also be working on earning more this year through Thirty-One Gifts and Etsy.  I truly love the purses and totes Thirty-One has to offer and  will be working my tail to spread that love with others.  I’m also a very very crafty person who loves to craft so it’s time I started selling my finished goods to pay for my raw materials.

Dave and I have already discussed getting our home organized and simplifing our lives.  We have too much stuff and not enough room.  We will be working on that starting next week on his days off.  We are also going to work on spending more family time together at home, we already have lots of fun and entertaining things at home.  So we are going to put all of our games, toys, books, etc to good use at home and save the gas money.

So what are your Resolutions this year?  Feel free to let me know and please join along the savings challenge.

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My goodness

All of a sudden winter has reared it’s ugly head in Florida.  Just 2 days ago I was commenting on how it was unusually warm and that I was loving it, I was wearing shorts and tanktops (stop throwing snowballs at me lol).  But this morning it is COLD!!!!

I’m sitting on the couch with blankets piled on swearing that I won’t turn on the heat but it’s tempting.  The dog is laying in a sunbeam shining through the windows to stay warm.  Now I understand that 51 degrees isn’t that cold to most of you guys but since it was 71 yesterday and even warmer the week before this is a big adjustment for me.  I guess it’s starting to feel like Christmas afterall.

I’m going to be starting up my daily saving posts again soon so stay tuned and let me know if you want to join.  I’m joining Precious over at Frugal Makes Cents on her Money Saving Challenge again for 2011.  I’m expecting a lot of big changes around here over the next few months so saving money is going to be a big priority.  I’ll let you know what I’m going to do and what those changes will be as they come up.  So stick around and feel free to join in on this quest to keep those pennies in your account and out of the stores.

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