A Great Deal on Tony Hawk Game

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Great Deal on Eating Out

There is currently a great deal going on to get some super cheap gift certificates from Restaurants.com.  Here’s what you need to do.

First go to ShopatHome and sign up for an account.  You’ll get a $5 bonus in your account for following my link.

Next type Restaurants.com into there search engine, which will take you to their site.  Shop for gift certificates to restaurants in your area or somewhere you are planning to visit.  Use the code CLEARANCE to receive 80% off your purchase price making the $25 certificates that sell for $10 only $2 each.

Now sit back and wait you’ll receive 25% back from ShopatHome and once you reach $20 they’ll send you a check.  This is a great way to save money on eating out and these certificates work great.  Be sure to read the fine print on the certificate before purchasing it most of them have some sort of stipulation.

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Yummy Giveaway!!

It’s my birthday so who wants a present???

I recently received a fantastic package in the mail from the great people at Yoplait and MyBlogSpark and I want to share one with you.  I’m not a yogurt person there’s just something about the taste that I just don’t like but I’d been curious about the Yoplait Whips.  So you can imagine how happy I was when they sent me a coupon to try it free and a few other goodies.  Let me tell you the Chocolate Mousse was delicious as a non yogurt eater I was amazed after a few spoonfuls I didn’t hate it but it still had a touch of the lingering yogurt taste so I put the rest in the freezer to try it frozen.  Well that was the key for me that yogurty taste seemed to disappear and I loved it.  My son who loves yogurt also tried one and said it was delicious (out of the mouth of a 5 yr old)

Yoplait Whips! yogurt is currently available in nine delectable flavors – Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Raspberry, Key Lime Pie, Lemon Burst, Orange Créme, Peaches ‘N Cream, Raspberry Mousse, Strawberry Mist, and Vanilla Créme.   Shawn tasted the orange creme which smelled like a creamscile but I couldn’t get a taste without losing an arm and I had the Chocolate Mousse yum!!!

So now for the fun part the GIVEAWAY!!!!  One lucky reader will receive a coupon for a FREE Yoplait Whips Yogurt, a soft sided thermal container and these really cute frozen pop makers courtesy of Yoplait and MyBlogSpark.  How do you enter??  Good question.  Well first leave me a comment here letting me know that you follow along and your favorite flavor or use of yogurt (please please make sure you leave me a way to get ahold of you).  To get extra entries you can post about this giveaway on your own blog and leave me a link to check it out, you could also share this giveaway on facebook and leave me a note letting me know that you did. 

My only big condition is that you must leave separate comments on this post letting me know the different ways that you have entered so I can pick a name and you get as many chances as possible.  If you can’t wait to try Yoplait Whips you can head over here to print out a coupon today.  And remember you have to leave me a way to get ahold of you so I can get your mailing address!!

I will be picking a winner on Wednesday September 1st so don’t wait enter now!!

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Have you signed up

for Smile.ly yet??  Smile.ly members get inside and exclusive looks at new brands, new products, and new online content.  You get to try new products out and let the manufacturer know what you really think about it.

Head over to Smile.ly and give them a try today.  And be sure to let me know what you think.

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Increasing Savings

One way to help increase my savings is to increase my earnings.  So I’m going to list a few of the ways I earn some extra who knows one of these might help you out too.

  • I sell Thirty-One gifts.  It’s a home party based company with a strong belief in women.  Holding the parties is alot of fun and is profitable for both me and the hostess.  They also have a great product that is sturdy, durable and cleans easily.  If you are interested in hosting a party or becoming part of my team feel free to email me for more info.
  • Over a year ago I signed up for Swagbucks and I have redeemed over $200 in Amazon giftcards.  Where else can you earn $200 or more a year just for simply searching the internet (which is what you are already doing)
  • I also signed up for YouData.  You can see the widget on the right side of your screen now, this is no get rich scheme but at least you get paid for the ads you view.  They pay weekly (even if you only have .03) to Paypal.
  • MyPoints is another great way to earn free Giftcards.  If you’d like me to send you a referral please leave your email in the comments (it won’t be published) and I’ll send it out to you.  I’ve earned several Amazon giftcards and a few Lowes giftcards through them.
  • Through this blog I have signed up for Logical Media they coordinate different ad campaigns and I pick the ones I feel are relevant to my readers.  When you guys so graciously click on one of those ads and usually fill in your info I get a small referral fee.  So when you see the ads please click!!!  Don’t worry I’m not upset if you don’t click.
  • I deal shop like crazy.  I buy excess but this excess allows me to donate, supply my family and friends, have enough for us and it gives me some extra to sell at yardsales which really helps buy a special gift.
  • I’m crafty are you??  I’m going to try and find a few craft shows this year since Shawn is away during the day I should have some more time to work on crafting without distraction.  So if you are in the area and know of any smaller craft shows please let me know.

That’s all I can think of right now.  If you have any other ways you make a little extra money please feel free to share with us.  None of these are ways to get rich but they will help you earn a bit more to cover gifts or a little splurge for yourself.  Obviously you could make much more money and quickly by getting a job but for some that’s not an option and some may want to make additional money.  So let me know what you are doing to earn an extra buck.

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Money Savings Challenge

I am going to see how much we can cut out of the budget in September and add to our savings.  I’ll be buckling down on savings and no more eating out.  At least I can try to not eat out much.  My mother in law will be visiting and we’ve been saving some restaurant coupons to go out a few times while she is here but we are going to keep to only thought out trips.  I will still be picking up gifts for the 4 birthdays in October and of course for Christmas but we are going to get creative and see how cheaply I can do that.

Here are a few of the things we’ve been doing this week to save

We got Shawn all set up and comfortable with riding the bus to and from school.  This will save me lots of money on gas through the year.  The line is forever long at his school and sitting there for 30-45 minutes twice a day wastes my time and gas.

I managed to turn the A/C down (or is it up) a couple degrees for about 90% of the week.  I’ve been able to keep it at about 78-79 for most of the week but when I had the stove on the other day and when I was cleaning I had to put it at 76.

I’ve only used the dishwasher every other day and washed some dishes by hand in between.  I really hate washing glasses so I only run it when the top rack is full and then I fill the bottom with whatever else is around.

We’ve been cleaning and organizing so I’ve been adding more stuff to the yardsale pile.  As I find things I’ve been pricing it immediately and boxing it up that will save me time and energy the night before the yardsale when we finally decide to have it.

I was offered and accepted the chance to set up a table at a Family Fun Day at an apartment complex out of my normal circle.  This should hopefully allow me to sell a few of my Thirty-One purses and bags and I plan on making some smaller cheap items to make some easy money.  I was offered this as a free event so all I’ll spend is time and gas to get there.

That was about it for the week.  With Shawn gone all day I’ve been staying home more with the TV off so that saves on electric and gas.  I think we had the TV on alot or I was running around to keep us both occupied.  I will be getting back into crafting soon but for this past week I’ve been treating myself to a little rest and relaxation.  I’ve been a stay at home mom for almost 6 years so I took the week (at least from 8-3)  off.  So what have you been doing to save some money?  Who’s with me on this challenge to add to your net worth, put away for holiday spending, or whatever goals you have? 

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Have you liked Walgreen’s on Facebook yet?  If not get your tush over there and click Like and you’ll be able to get a free purse size photo book.  I believe this is a today only offer so get on over there and make your book. 

This is another free way to make a gift for family or friends.  I’m filling mine with Shawn’s back to school pictures.

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A Great Deal!!

My son just loves these books!!! Plus if you use the code LFAUG400 you get $4 off tag books and they qualify for Super Saver Shipping!!!! If you have little ones this is the time to stock up for Christmas.
Don't ask me how but this deal seems to just get better.  I put the above book and the Penguins book in my cart and used the code and received an extra $5 off.  I'll be getting 2 books for $14.98 before my giftcards and am still getting free shipping!!  Act now as the sale probably won't last long

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Free Apron Sewing Patterns

This is so timely I was just thinking about making a few Aprons as Christmas Gifts!!  Head over and sign up for their free newsletter and receive a few free patterns.

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What we’ve been doing to save $$

Here’s a run down of the things we did yesterday to save some money:

  • Washed all of Shawn’s uniforms for school and then air dryed them (this saves me $1 on the dryer and will also extend the life of his clothes)
  • Washed and gathered all the containers for school lunches (the cost of a school lunch is insane, I can make a much better tasting lunch for Shawn and send it with him to school)
  • Drove up to where there was an advertised estate sale (I love to look for deals) which unfortunately had closed earlier than scheduled but stopped at Winn-Dixie on the way home (this store is going out of business and there wine was 40% off I bought 2 bottles saving myself and my mother in law some money)
  • Set up my sprout container to grow my own sprouts.  (Tray system was bought at 75% off at Target and I’m hoping it’ll grow some nice additions for my salads and stir fry)
  • While at Winn-Dixie I picked up some frozen popcorn chicken for 20% off and made cheap and easy “Boneless Wings” for dinner (quenching my urge for Gator’s All You Can Eat wings and obviously saving $$)


Today was Shawn’s first day of school but we managed to do a few things to save some money

  • The TV was off for most of the day (saving electric)
  • The lights were also off all day
  • We ran errands in a circle to save on gas
  • Picked up free Airwick Compacts at Walgreens to add to my yardsale pile (hopefully this will be a profit but if not 5 of them cost me only $1.40 and would be nice in Christmas baskets)
  • Went to Publix and stocked up on a few cheap and easy meals and 10 jars of Peanut Butter, it was about .70 a jar which is a stock up price since we go through appox 15 sandwiches a week here
  • We stopped at the library on the way to pick up Shawn and picked up a book for myself and one for Shawn (free reading for both of us)
  • Tonight I’m working on a cross stitch gift and Dave is watching a movie on Netflix for Wii.  Neither are exactly free but both very cheap entertainment.

I’m sure there are other things that I’ve missed but I’m just too tired to remember.  I’m a horrible nightowl with occasional insomnia issues so getting up at 6:30 this morning was very draining.  Hopefully I’ll get on a schedule very soon.  So what have you been doing to save money??  I’d love hear it helps me think of new things to do around here.

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Walgreen’s 7 Days of Photo Deals day 6

Today’s deal is 75% off 5x7 Everyday Book.  These work up into nice little photo books and also make some really great gifts.  Prices start at $9.99 so your prices would start at $2.50!!!

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Hot Groupon Deal

Today’s Groupon Deal for Orlando is great for back to school shopping.  It’s $25 for $50 worth of clothes at the Gap!!!  It’s valid in stores only and in any store so even if you aren’t in the Orlando area you can still cash in on this fantastic deal.  Pair this coupon with whatever maybe on sale at the Gap and you’ve got an incredible deal and at least 50% off.

If you haven’t already signed up for Groupon do so here and start enjoying the savings.  It’s free to sign up and you’ll get a daily email with the deal of the day.

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Walgreens 7 Days of Photo Deals day 5

Today’s photo deal is a free Folded 5x7 card.  I think you can get these in stores but I’m not sure and I don’t have the time to try it right now.  I’ll update later when I get a minute.

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He needs what!?!?!?!

Tomorrow is orientation for Shawn’s new school and Monday is my baby’s first day.  This is a very exciting time for a young boy and his mother who has stayed home to raise him for the past 5 1/2 years.  It is also an extremely expensive time for some of us.  I printed the list of his needs and it went on and on and on.  Ok so it wasn’t that bad but I’m pretty sure if I didn’t sale/coupon shop that list plus his uniform could have bankrupted us.

blog 003Hello giant pile of crap required for a little boy to attend Kindergarten and this doesn’t include his uniforms.  I’m taking in some of these things tomorrow well it’s that or I send him with a forklift on the first day.  So I’m going to break down Shawn’s list in dollars and cents and you can ask yourself if sales and coupons are worth it. 

  • 4 Dry Erase Markers Free after Office Depot Rebate
  • 4 Folders .01 each at Staples
  • 48 Sharp Pencils (I’m guessing they plan on stabbing everyone’s eyes out on the first day) I’d say the pencils total may have cost about $4 since I bought Toy Story and Kyle Busch ones the rest were super cheap
  • 4 pks of cap erasers .50 each at Target
  • 6 boxes of crayons .25 each at Walmart (they asked for 8ct but those were .78 each)
  • 1 pair of blunt scissors  .25 (I think) at Staples
  • 1 Pencil Box $1.60 at Michaels with coupon
  • 3 lg pks of Glue Sticks about .50 each at Staples
  • 2 Primary Composition books for .25 each at Target
  • 2 Tablets of Primary Writing paper $3.00 each at Staples (not cheap and no dang sale)
  • 1 pk of Construction Paper $2 at Staples
  • 1 box of Ziploc bags Free at Kmart ages ago
  • 2 boxes of tissues Free with coupons
  • 1 bottle of Antibacterial Soap Free with coupons
  • 1 pk 3x5 white index cards .50 at Staples
  • 2 reams of Copy Paper .01 each at Staples
  • 3 pks of Baby Wipes Free with coupons

This total just under $20 for all that except the backpack, lunchbox and thermos.  Those were obviously more expensive the backpack was $15 and the lunchbox was free and the 2 Thermos Funtainers were $12 each.  I’m looking at the containers as an investment since I won’t be required to buy juiceboxes (unless they are crazy cheap) and I can send Shawn to school with fruit (that’ll stay cold) and hot lunches on occasion.  So do you think shopping the sales for the past month and using my coupons was worth it, how much did you spend on back to school??  I’d love to hear how you did.

By the way I’m not sending all of this stuff with him, I don’t think he needs 48 pencils or 12 glue sticks on the first day of school.  So the things that obviously aren’t needed for the community pile aren’t going to end up there just so I can go back out in a month or two and buy more pencils and glue sticks.  LOL

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Walgreen’s 7 days of Photo deals day 4

Today’s deal is a free photo clings!  You can choose from 4 5x7s, 2 8x10s, or 1 11x17.  I got these last year and they are pretty cute.  These can’t be printed in store so you will have to pay the $5.99 shipping fee for them.  These make another great gift idea!!

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Homemade Christmas Gifts

Last Christmas my husband took Shawn shopping for a present for Mommy and he picked out a Snuggie.  He loved that thing and since I am always sitting under a blanket in the winter it went to good use.  Then they came out with the kids snuggie and he was excited he wanted one of his own, the only problem they are ugly!!!  So this past weekend Mommy sat  down while they were at the Star Wars Celebration and made this:

blog 001


 blog 002


This used just over a yard of fabric bought out of the remnants bin at JoAnn Fabrics.  Because it was on sale it cost me about $5 to make and about a half hour of my time.  I may consider making a few more of these to sell on Etsy if there is any interest in them.  Shawn was beyond excited to get his own Snuggie, I was going to wait to give it to him for his birthday but I wanted to make sure it fit and I needed a model for you to see it better.

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Walgreen’s 7 days of photo deals day 3

Today’s photo deal is 60% off collage photos.  I’ve printed a few of these in the past and they look great in a simple frame.  So I’m saying another fantastic deal on Christmas gifts!!!

The prices are $3.99 for 8x10, $1.99 for 5x7 or .29 for 4x6 which makes the 8x10 only $1.60!!!  You can pick up in store and you can order more than one, so you can do one collage for each set of grandparents.  When you have 5 sets of grandparents this is a deal not to be missed.

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Walgreen’s Photo Deal of the Day #2

Today’s great photo deal is 75% off 5x7 Easel Art.  This is another great Christmas gift for your family members.

The cost is $3.75 plus shipping.  So for around $10 you’ll have a beautiful photo in high gloss with an easel all ready for a Christmas gift.  Just get out the wrapping paper, of course you could always keep it for yourself.

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Walgreen’s 7 days of photo deals

I love when Walgreen’s does daily photo deals!!!

Today’s deal is 1 FREE 8x10 photo!!!  There must be a photo in your digital collection that could use to be printed.  If you don’t think you need an 8x10 please remember your family.  These photos in a cheap frame make great Christmas gifts!!!!  So head over to Walgreen’s and get your FREE picture today!

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Christmas Gifts

So I had a reader email me asking if I was still going to do a series of homemade Christmas gifts.  I thought of course and went to send her the link to the one I’d already posted just to realize that I never posted it.  I swear I thought I had, somedays I wonder where my head is.  So without further ado:

This time of year is great to stock up on extra “back to school” supplies.  When you take the back to school out of it you end up with some really great art supplies.

blog 003

So grab a box, a backpack, a reusable bag, or a tupperware tote and load it up.  There have been so many great deals on all of these things that it’ll be a nice cheap gift.  If you play the Staples game properly you could have lots of goodies for free after rebates.  This box has folders, markers, crayons, sticky notes, pencils, pens and paper plus a few other goodies.  Do you know any kids that would like this box under the Christmas tree??  If so put together something now and stick it in the closet with their name on it.

Check back often for my next Christmas gift post.

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Free Newsletter

Sign up now by clicking on the pic above to receive a daily newsletter full of great tips about money.  They deliver practical tips, empowering ideas and the occasional kick in the pant.  Sign up today to see what they have to help you!!

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Money Saving Challenge

Precious over at Frugal Makes Cents has been hosting a Money Saving Challenge for quite awhile and I’ve been doing my best to participate but I’ve fallen a bit off track lately.  So I’m getting back on the horse now with Shawn going back to school and life getting back into a routine it should be much easier.

So here’s what I’ve done this week to save some money:

I refilled my Dawn Foam Dispenser yesterday with a homemade version.  I love the foam soap when washing the dishes but it’s soo expensive so instead of going out and buying a new one or pouting because mine was empty and I have a cabinet full of regular dish soap I made some new foaming soap.  After looking around online for a recipe I found that most people use either 2 TBSP or 4 TBSP of soap and then fill with water so I used 3 TBSP of Dawn and filled to the line with water (which required waiting and squeezing out some bubbles so I suggest filling it 3/4 full of water and then add the soap).  I’m happy to report I haven’t noticed a difference in anything other than the smell since I used the purple one.

I’ve been doing pretty well at cooking out of the freezer and pantry.  Today I have to go pick up some more bread and snacks for Dave and Shawn since they will be going to a convention for the next 4 days and the food there is really expensive.  Hopefully I can pack them enough food that they won’t have to spend any extra money.

We’ve been practicing lunchtime with Shawn so that when he goes to school he knows what to do.  He’s never eaten lunch without it being served to him and I don’t intend on paying for school lunches so we’ve been working on making sure he can open all the packages of his food.  It’s funny to watch because I tell him to pretend like I’m not here to help him and he still waits till he’s done with his sandwich before he has his treat.

I received a rebate check in the mail yesterday but am waiting until Thursday to take it to the bank since I’m expecting a couple more to come and would like to make just one trip.  I also received a “rebate” from a Star Wars promo, DS has made it very clear that he wants a Clone Trooper Helmet and Blaster for his birthday or Christmas.  So I picked up a build your own blaster on clearance at Target for $25 and sent in for the Helmet for free with a $25 purchase.  He’ll get both of those plus a costume that I found for 75% off for his birthday and since his birthday is a week before Halloween he can be a Clone Trooper for Halloween and I’ll save on buying a costume too.

So what have you done to save this week??  I’ll be printing a ton of Target coupons and heading there either today or tomorrow and will be sure to report back on all the money I saved there.  Please feel free to leave a comment or a link back to your money saving tips.

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A Great Opportunity

Sign up today for the National Consumer Panel to be heard and earn great rewards while you are at it.  You can earn cash and prizes!!!!  Click on the picture and you can sign up today.

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August Goals!!!

I’m finally getting around to posting and making some goals for the month.  Nevermind it’s a week in to the month LOL.

  • We have been trying to stop eating out completely and that hasn’t worked so this month we are limiting it to once a week and always using coupons.
  • We are looking at at least another month of house hunting UGH!!! so we will keep saving and scrimping and putting every extra dollar into the house saving account.  I guess at the rate we are going I might be able to pay for the dang house in cash.  I have no intention of waiting that long either.
  • I’m going to take another stab at the Etsy thing this month.  Here’s hoping I can get something listed this month.
  • I will be hosting at least 1 Thirty-One Gifts party this month even if I have to host it myself and hope that I get enough online orders.  This is an avenue that still needs some work to make it more profitable, so if you’d like to host a party let me know (I’m picking up all embroidery costs this month for hostesses)
  • Shawn starts school in just a couple weeks so I need to get him prepared and that is where all my energy is going to be focused.  This will be a big change for both of us since he has to be up so early and will also be eating lunch very early.  Tomorrow he gets the lunchbox challenge, I’m packing his lunch up like I will be for school and he’s going to have to eat it with no help from mommy.
  • My birthday is at the end of this month and my MIL is coming to visit the next day so I want the house clean (spotless clean) by then.  That will require getting rid of some more of the clutter which is unenjoyable to say the least.
  • I decided against the yardsale today since it’s soooo hot and I wasn’t ready.  I am planning on doing it in Sept so I need to add to the stash stockpile for the sale.  The only different strategy I’ll be trying is pricing things as soon as they come into the house or go into the box for the sale that way I’ll be prepared for the next sale.
  • Oh and my last goal is to finally lose a little weight and keep up with my workout regime.  And remember to take it easier when I do workout since I’m currently in pain from working out 2 days ago, I’ll be skipping squats for a long time.

So what are your goals for the month??  Are you trying something new or just getting ready to adjust to the school year schedule?  I can’t wait to figure out what to do with all my extra quiet time when Shawn’s at school for 7 hours a day!!!

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A little shopping today

First I headed to Walgreens well actually 2 Walgreens.  I ended up with 2 bottles of Complete Contact Solution, 1 box of Star Wars jellies, 1 Gillette Razor, 1 Box of Crayons and a soda.  I spent about $15 out of pocket and ended up with $17 in RR to use this week.  Now I just need to figure out how to roll them back into more contact solution since DH goes through quite a bit. 

Next stop was Target:

blog 006

I got 3 Playdoh Ice Cream Shoppes for $3 each with online coupon, 3 4pks of PlayDoh for free with purchase, 4 cans of Chef Boyardee for free with TQ, 4 pks of Bic Pens free with TQ, 2 bottles of Simply Lemonade for .99 each after TQ, 4 small bags of Purina Smartblend free with TQ, 3 Colgate toothbrushes free with TQ, 1 Colgate Kid’s Toothpaste (I swear Shawn paints the bathroom with this) .97 with TQ, 2 Composition notebooks .50 and 2 Wonka Bars .29 each after MQ and TQ (dang these things are expensive)

I don’t have the receipt in front of me but my cost was close to $14 and hopefully I’ll sell 2 of those playdoh sets for $5 each at the yardsale and the small ones for $1 each so I should almost break even.  At least here’s hoping.

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New Upromise Coupons

Upromise has put up new ecoupons for the month of August.  There is over $25 worth of coupons available so make sure you head over and activate those coupons before you go shopping this week.

If you haven’t already signed up for Upromise get on over there and sign up, it’s free and super easy.  Plus they give you free money to use towards your child’s college fund or you can request a check to help pay for expenses.

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Goal Recap

So last month was not as successful as I would have liked it to be but we did ok.  So lets see how well it worked out.

  • I’d really really like to stop eating out.
    • Well this was kinda successful and kinda a failure.  LOL  We didn’t eat out as much and did make lots of efforts to pack lunches when we went out but we still ate out too often.  I’m going to try to rework this and strive for a good August.
  • I’m really hoping that by the end of the month we have started the house buying process
    • Let’s just say I don’t generally wish ill on people but I am not wishing the owners of the house we have been waiting on much well.  We waited and waited and finally all the bank was requiring was a few pieces of paperwork from them and they are not speaking to each other and therefore not signing a paper.  UGH!!!  We are putting in another offer today on a different house so we’ll keep this goal for next month.
  • We need to put away some money for moving expenses.
    • We did manage to put some away but not as much as I would have liked so we will keep plugging along.
  • I will most likely be putting off another yard sale
    • Well I really wanted to put this off until we moved or the fall but that apartment complex is hosting a community sale this weekend so I’m going to drag out as much stuff as I can.  I’ll be doing this sale alone since Dave has to take Shawn to his skating lessons so I’m not going to be doing as big of a sale as I normally would but we’ll get some extra money to put away.
  • There are some things that will sell better on Ebay/Craigslist then at a yardsale so I need to get those listed now and just get rid of them.
    • I did get rid of a few things and I’m still pulling some stuff to sell on Ebay.  The hubby has a few things that he wants me to list and I have a few other things to list as well I just need to find boxes and figure out shipping for them.
  • I would love to start and get my photography business off the ground and running.
    • Well I tried one method and didn’t like it so this is still a work in progress.  It’s also been too stinkin warm out to get out and take many photos.  Hopefully it’ll get more bearable this month.
  • I really would like to sell one item (at least) on Etsy this month.
    • Those ideas are all still in my head.  But I’ve been getting much closer I actually got the stuff out the other day and plan on keeping up until I get something sellable.
  • My last goal for this month is to host 2 Thirty-One gifts parties.  I really need to use the opportunity to increase our savings and haven’t been.
    • I only had 1 party for July which isn’t bad.  Two parties is a lofty goal when you haven’t had much success but 1 party is better than nothing.

I’ll be working on my August goals today and let you know what we will be trying to accomplish for August.  Please feel free to link up to your goal recaps or just let us know how you did this month.

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