It’s time for another Giveaway!!

As I’m sure you all know by now Star Wars The Complete Saga was released on Blu-Ray a few weeks ago.  This is the first time ever that the full Saga is available in one complete collection, 9 discs featuring all the movies and tons of special features.  If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you already know that my boys love love love Star Wars.  My husband could hardly wait for the bus to come the morning it was released.  They have been watching it piece by piece and all out of order may I add since.  It is so great to have something we grew up with that we can share with Shawn.

 047    048

Well Walmart and General Mills have teamed up to provide you with a limited edition good vs evil scene on the back of 3 cereals.  On the back of specially marked boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms you will find pieces to a panoramic poster showcasing your favorite Star Wars characters like Vader, Han, Yoda, R2-D2 and many more.  These are only available at Walmart!!

052   How cute is this?  My son is going to want to keep them forever LOL  For more information on the whole grain benefits of these great cereals go here and for more info on Star Wars head here.

So what about the giveaway you ask.  Here’s what you can get, you’ll receive one of each of the boxes in the photo with the limited edition good vs evil poster on the back AND a $25 gift card to Walmart!!


Here’s how to enter (be sure you leave individual comments on this post for each entry):

  1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite Star Wars moment and make sure you are a follower!!!
  2. Head over to Facebook and “like” Living On A Budget
  3. While you are there “like” Tiffany Mitchell Designs (this is my craft store)
  4. Share this giveaway on Facebook, your blog or Twitter and leave me a link
  5. Follow Living On A Budget on Twitter
  6. Like Walmart on Facebook

There you go 6 easy ways to enter to win $25 and 3 boxes of cereal!!!  You have until 9pm on Monday 10/3 to enter.

This prize pack and giveaway were generously provided to me by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.  All opinions are my own and are never swayed by anything.

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A New Way to make some Money

Have you heard of Endorse?  It’s a Facebook app that allows you to endorse products/stores that you currently shop at.  It’s very new and I have no first hand experience with it but I am very excited about the possibilities!  It appears you can get 10% or more depending on your followers.  The example they use is Lipton Green Tea say you buy it and 5 of your followers also love it and have purchased it everyone gets .82 (based on a price of $8.29) and since you are the first endorser you get an additional $8.29.  Now you know why I’m excited so if this sounds like something for you I ask that you click my links below to my favorite endorsements and share your favorites with me.

You can endorse Walmart, Starbucks, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Cheerios and many many more.  All you do is like your favorite brands, share with your friends and shop as usual.  Then drop your receipts into a prepaid mailer mail it in and start racking up the cash.  The more followers you have the more money you will make in bonuses.

So sign up and let’s all team up to help each other make some money!!!  If you’ve used this service please share your experiences with us.  You can get info about them here.

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Great Deal on a Laminator

I purchased this laminator the last time it was on sale and I love it.  You can buy refills for it on Amazon or at Walmart, Joann's and Micheals which makes it so easy!!  If you craft or have kids you can't beat this price!

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Freebie Friday

Let’s make your trips to the mailbox more exciting!!  Sign up for these freebies and start looking forward to getting your mail.

Eucerin Sample (facebook offer)

Fiber Choice Sample

Step Dri Sample

Beech Nut Toddler Kit

Natural Kibbles Doggie Snacks

Dove Leave In Conditioner Sample

Poise Pad Sample

Free Holiday Recipe Booklet from Land O lakes

Plus tomorrow (Saturday) there is a free Build and Grow event at Lowes from 10-11.

And to make for some cheap entertainment this weekend if it looks like rain alllllll weekend free Blockbuster rentals

  • FERRELL- Free Will Ferrell movie exp 9/28
  • ROCKNROLL – Free Rental exp 10/9
  • These are all good thru 9/23
    • 87PGAR9
    • 62KRVF3
    • 65RMAQ7
    • 56AGSF4
    • 43MMKC5
    • 85JMMF7
    • 23CHAH3
    • 64HLG5P

Enjoy your Freebies!!!

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I’d like to Welcome all the new readers and followers that found me due to the Monkey Quest giveaway!  I hope I can keep your interests with my posts about savings in every aspect of life.  I really believe that you can save tons of money by doing the little things and that’s what I talk about.

So stick around and be prepared in the coming weeks I’ll have a freebie round up, a few what I’m doing to keep my pennies posts, grocery shopping trips, and another fantastic giveaway!!!

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The winner is….

According to the winner of the the Monkey Quest giveaway is:

Anonymous #20

mrsblack said...

Follow you on FB

September 14, 2011 12:59 PM

Congrats MrsBlack you have 24 hours to contact me with your name and address so we can get your prize pack out to you!!

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Monkey Giveaway!!

If you are like me you have a young child at home chomping at the bit to use the computer and play games online.  They play educational games at school and want to use the computer at home too.  Shawn is always asking if he can play and we were given an opportunity to try out Monkey Quest.  What is Monkey Quest you ask?
Monkey Quest takes place in the land known as Ook. Long ago, a Monkey King and 5 of his brave companions traveled Ook in search of knowledge and adventures. Things were great until the evil Shadow Demon Ka came about with his army of monsters. Ka was out to destroy all that was good in Ook. The Monkey King and his pals battled Ka for years. In an epic final battle, the Monkey King summoned all of his powers and shattered Ka’s black core into a million shadowy shards. Ka was gone, but so was the Monkey King. Generations have since passed and now Shadows from Ka’s army are starting to seep back into the darkest reaches of the jungle.
I thought it might be too much for Shawn but within minutes he was playing with very little help from me.  You start out with a Free Play game that is a bit limited like most online games and by purchasing a game card you can unlock extra features.  Shawn played for a few weeks before I loaded the game card we received into his account and he had a great time without the extras, but he’s really enjoying the extras now.  If your child is much younger than 6 they will probably need a little help plus there is some reading so be aware of that and to ease your concerns about your child being online Nickelodeon offers parental controls that you can set up for your child.  I can tell you that Shawn’s favorite part was setting up his monkey with a yellow body and a mohawk.
So go on over to Monkey Quest and sign up today and see what you think.  Plus you get to win a prize pack right here!!  Your prize pack includes a Monkey Quest tote bag, t-shirt and hat along with an insider’s guide to best navigate the land of Ook! 
MQ ComicConShirt R3   MQ ComicConCaps R2 copy
Here’s what you have to do (giveaway ends 9/17):

  • You must leave a comment on this post to have an entry!!!!!!!
For extra entries
  • Follow me on Facebook and leave a comment on the post to let me know
  • Follow me on Twitter and let me know on this post
  • Subscribe to us through Blogger and let me know
  • Share the giveaway on either facebook or twitter and leave me a link to get another entry
  • You can also Like Tiffany Mitchell Designs on FB for one last extra entry
Remember you must leave comments on this post for me to know what ways you are entering!!!!
In return for my opinion and this giveaway I received a $25 game card, tote bag and guide for Monkey Quest from Nickelodeon and MomSelect.  All opinions are my own and true no fluff here!!

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On a Quest to happy Mail Days

As long as we are still getting mail I’d like to see things other than my bills and I’m sure you would too.  Let’s try some of these freebies and see if it makes getting the mail as exciting as it was when you were little and those bills where someone else’s problem LOL.

Twinings Teas- Head here and scroll down and select your 3 teas to sample

Icy Hot Naturals- Click here 

Prilosec OTC Sample

Christie Brinkley Skin Care Samples

Joe Coffee Sample

Infusium Sample (facebook promo)

Ojon Hair Serum Sample  (facebook promo)

Playtex Gentle Glide Sample

Poise Hourglass Sample

Eucerin Sample (facebook promo)

Rachel Ray Just 6 Sample

Ob Sample Pack

Invisible Glass Cleaner Sample

Natural Nibbles Sample

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Saving a bit here and there

Yesterday Shawn and I headed up to Sav-A-Lot.  I’m new to shopping at this store but they have some unbeatable prices on things I don’t have coupons for.  I spent just about $20 there and since my receipt has magically disappeared I can’t be too exact.  I did get:

    • Gallon of Milk  ~$2.29
    • Loaf of Sandwich Bread .99
    • Bag of store brand Tater tots  (my son loves these)
    • 5lbs of ground beef $1.99 per pound
    • 2 large sweet onions ~$2
    • Tortilla Chips ~$1.20
    • over 2 pounds of grapes .99/lb
    • Hamburger Helper .99

While I was up that way I stopped at Staples and picked up 2 reams of paper, 2 boxes of pencil top erasers, and a package of pens.  All of these are .01 after rebates and I used my 15% off coupon that I got in the mail free which I believe will make it a little money maker for me!  I also stopped into Michaels and picked up a few things to make earrings for an upcoming craft fair.

Today I headed to Target.  This is what I got for $17.xx, most of these items are for us but I am trying to overstock my stockpile for an upcoming yardsale.  This has always proved to be a good source of extra holiday spending money and is one way I contribute financially to the household.

    • 2 7th Generation Cleaning Products $2.99 each -$1 TQ and $1 MQ from 7/31RP
    • 4 Trial Size Cascades .97 each -$1 MQ from the 8/28 P&G (these were with the rest of the detergents not with the trial stuff at my store)
    • 1Mossimo Tank Top $5.60  -$5 TQ
    • 1 Mossimo Swim Trunks for DS  $2.48  -$5 TQ (no overage it adjusted down)
    • 1 Nabisco Snack Pack  $1.04 this is for later since we will be running as soon as DS gets home and this is cheaper than buying him a snack at Disney
    • Pepperoni $2.39 no coupon
    • 2 Market Pantry Pastas $1 each
    • 3 Market Pantry Sauces $1 each  I used 2 $1/2 TQ that were good on the sauce and pasta the one other sauce was too small for the coupon but I wanted the Alfredo and it was a decent price
    • 4 Pillsbury biscuits/pizza crust  $1.27 each  1 of them rang up free and I used 2 $1/2 MQ found online
    • 2 Single Serve Simply Lemonade .73  -$1 IPQ
    • 2 Nivea Bodywash  $3.99 each -$1 TQ and $2 mq from 7/31RP
    • 2 Bic Disposable Razors $4.49 each  -$2 TQ and $2 mq from 7/31SS
    • 2 Purina Cat Treats .99  -$1TQ and $1/2 mq from 6/26SS
    • 2 Star Wars Notebooks on clearance for $1.25 each
    • 2 Revlon Nailclippers $2.89 each  -$5 TQ from the inserts and $1mq in the 7/31 insert (I think)
    • 3 Delimex Roll things $4.89  One of them was free and I used $2 mq that were stuck to the front.  There is also a $2 TQ (good on the taquitos) and $1mq for liking them on facebook.

Also in other exciting news my crafting website is open for business at  Please don’t mind the dust (lol) I am still working on it and am new to this stuff.  I will soon be adding some holiday items under that heading but it’s currently empty.  Check it often as things will be added regularly!!  I’ll be back later or tomorrow with another post about savings!!

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