Getting Paid to Blog

I have recently discovered a great site to help make a little extra money while blogging. The site is called Paying Post, you simply sign your blog up wait for approval and then check out your opportunities. All they ask of you is that you visit their site and write honest reviews. This is a great way to earn some extra money while you are doing something you already love to do. And you get to help your readers make informed decisions about other sites and products. To learn how paying post can help you grow your blog and your bank account just go here for all the facts.
There are so many ways to earn extra cash with your blog but with many of those opportunities you run the risk of junking up your blog and getting away from what your purpose is. With this site you can still post about the things you believe in, not junk up your site with flashing ads for things that have nothing to with your content and you can still make some money. You probably will make significantly more from posting reviews about products you believe than the ugly ads that pay very little. The added perk is that you may draw more viewers/readers with reviews of products where as lots of those ads tend to chase away readers. No one wants to try and read a blog that flashes and loads slowly. I hope that PayingPosts is a site that you may find interesting and helpful in your blogging as it has helped me immensly.

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Tea for Two at Border's

Border's is hosting a fun event to get out of the house and out of the cold. On Saturday the 24th from 2-4 they will have stories, games, music, and tea for your kids and you. To keep the parents occupied the Seattle's Best Coffee Cafe will also be hosting a tea tasting.

Go Here to see if your store is participating.

Print this coupon and take it with you for 20% off any one item.

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Publix Goodies

Kraft Mac & Cheese Crackers $2.99 BOGO
-BOGO MQ from last week

Egg Beaters 2/$4
-$1/2 PQ and (2) $1 MQ

Halls Cough Drops $1.70 BOGO
-.50 mq

McCormick Garlic Powder $2.99 BOGO
-$1 MQ

Fantastik Cleaner $2.89 BOGO
-$1 MQ

I also picked up some Zucchini at $1.29 a pound and some Cars Teddy Grahams that were BOGO but I had no coupons for them. Shawn will really enjoy them so they were worth the splurge.

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Publix Deals this week

Electrasol 32ct BOGO $7.79
=$1.40 each

Lysol Spray Cleaner $2.69 BOGO
$1 mq
= .35 each

Betty Crocker Muffin Mix $2.59 BOGO
-$1 IPQ
=.30 each

Del Monte Fresh Cut Canned Vegetables $1.29 BOGO
-.75 IPQ
= FREE Veggies

Smucker's Preserves $3.19 BOGO
-.35 mq
=$1.25 each
Works with the Smuckers/Jif Mail in Rebate for a free Disney scrapbook

Quaker Instant Oatmeal $3.79 BOGO
-$1 mq
=.90 each

Mott's 100% Apple Juice $2.95 BOGO
-$1 mq
=.47 each

Mueller's Pasta $1.29 BOGO
-.55 mq
=.10 each

Yoplait Go-Gurt Yogurt $2.85 BOGO
-$1/2 IPQ
=.82 each

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Freebies Thursday!!!!!

Sign up at the following places for some great Freebies!!!

Total Cereal Sample

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

Krispy Kreme Doughnut on Inauguration Day

Head & Shoulders Samples

Febreze Sport Sample

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Free Suave Today Only

Register here and receive a coupon for a free bottle of Suave Shampoo

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I know I have been MIA for a few days now. I have been very tired and dealing with a few things out in the real world but I plan to be back in full swing tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. I'll be doing recaps of my shopping for the past week plus how my budget is working out. Luckily my mother in law will be arriving on Wednesday and that'll get the little man out of my hair for a few minutes to get back to sharing with you guys.

I'll be back soon and look forward to sharing how my year is going. When you have a moment let me know how yours is. Don't forget we are almost half way through the month so we are going to have to look at the goals set and see how they are working very soon. Go clip your coupons and get your deals. Check the left side of my page for blogs I follow, they haven't been taking the week off and have some fabulous tips.

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My CVS high

I had a great trip to CVS tonight I did three seperate transactions to use my card, hubby's, and my neighbors. It was so good I'm almost afraid to post since surely you'll all think I'm nuts at some point. But tomorrow I'm going to address my seemingly out of control shopping addiction and it's perks.

6 Colgate's $15.00 AC $3 with $6ECB
4 Stayfree Pads $18.00 AC $4.62
2 Zyrtec D Tabs $26.00 AC $18 with $10 ECB for Stayfree and Zyrtec
1 Baby Bottle Pop .13 90% off
4 Red and Silver wrapping paper $1.56 (will use this as birthday etc wrapping throughout the year)
10 Febreeze Candles .79 90% off AC FREE
2 Shimmering Makeup sets $2.98 90% off
3 Sparkling CVS flavored waters $11.91 AC $2.91 with $6ECB
2 Candy Bars $1
3 Soyjoy Boxes $18 AC$15 with $18ECB

OOP $.97
Saved $104.56

For week of 1/08
Total Spent $6.42
Total Saved $146.16

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Quick wag's trip

My husband and son eat peanut butter like it's gold so I needed peanut butter again. Since I've been holding out waiting for the deal at Wag's to start the 18th I haven't bought any but I needed it and CVS was all out so I headed to Wag's. I know it might have been cheaper to go to Walmart which is right across the street but time wise it wasn't worth it to me. I was already at CVS and could walk across the street to go to Walgreen's and then come home. There is no such thing as a quick trip to my Walmart it seems. So in the interest of time I paid alittle more but still made it worth my while.
6 Garnier Fructis Hair Gels $2.99 -$2 Easysaver Coupon -$1mq =FREE
2 Garnier Fructis Mousse $2.99 -$2 Easysaver Coupon -$1mq =FREE
6 Reynolds Wrap in ad coupon .99 -$1mq =FREE
1 Peter Pan overpriced peanut butter $3.49

OOP $5.45 of which $2.10 was tax
Saved $41.60

Since today is the first day of my week I'll start my spending/savings over with a monthly and YTD recap at the end of each month.

For week of 1/08
Total Spent $5.45
Total Saved $41.60

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Super Coupons days at Kmart

Next week it appears that Kmart will be having another coupon special in certain store. For my readers in NY and CO you should have Super Doubles up to and including $2. For my readers in CT you should have Super Triples up to and including $.75.

If you want to be sure what your sale will be click here and enter your zipcode. The ad for the event is on the first page, if you see nothing like me I guess we are just out of luck.

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Target and Walmart Deals

There's not to many deals this week but every little bite helps. Let me know if you find this helpful, so I know what to keep and what to not bother with. Thanks

$1 off any Blue Bunny Item

Use this coupon for FREE Johnson's Buddy Bars usually priced about .97 at Walmart

$1 off 1
5 for $10 Healthy Choice frozen entrees

$3.25 Electrasol (20-ct) or Palmolive liquid
$2.50mq in Sunday's paper

They have the small travel size bottles for 97 cents and there was a $1 coupon in the 12/28 P&G. The coupon does not say it excludes the trail size.

SOBE LifeWater Gift Card Deal: Buy 10 bottles for $10 and get a $5 GC. Some of the bottles have .50 hangtag coupons on them making them free after gfitcard.

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CVS Trips

2 Bayer Contour Monitors Free AC $5ECB
4 Colgate Total $6 AC $4 ECB (I goofed didn't realize it was limit one)
2 Animal Crackers $1.60 AC
1 Sprite $1
2 Pantene $2.60 AC $2ECB
4 Nature Bounty Vitamins $1.98 AC $6ECB
18 pk of Bud Light $12.49

Total Spent .86 (used GC for the rest)
Total Saved $74.59


4 Colgate Total $4 AC $4ECB
5 Infusium 23 .10 AC
2 Garnier $3.98 AC $4ECB
2 Nutra Trim Gum $7.98 $7.98 ECB
1 NasoGel $7.99 $7.99ECB
1 Pitcher $7.99 (needed for koolaid)

Total Spent $.64
Total Saved $ 49.04

4 SpeedStick $6 AC $6ECB
4 Assorted Nabisco Free AC
4 Colgate 1 AC $4ECB
2 3M pop up tape .99 Clearance
Wrapping Paper Set $2.49 Clearance
Gift Bag Set $2.49 Clearance
1 Trash Bag $1.99 AC
Vanilla .49 B1G1 1/2
1 NasoGlide $7.99 $7.99ECB
CVS Cotton Sq .49 AC $1ECB
CVS pocket tissue .25 B1G1 1/2
2 Hallmark Ornaments $4.26 Clearance
Not Pictured
6 pk Bud Light Lime $6.59
Milk $3.39
ATM Machine (toy bank) $4.99 Clearance

Total Spent .87
Total Saved $68.40

Totals for the Week (so far)
Total Spent $25.59
Total Saved $422.77

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Walgreens this week

I'll be going back this week for another round of pillaging.

4 Reynold's Wrap Free AC (in ad and mq)
6 Garnier Fructis Free AC (easysaver and mq)
2 Garnier Clearance 2.00 Overage (easysaver and mq)
4 Newspapers 6.00

Total Spent 3.11 (after $5 RR)
Total Saved 41.38

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Walgreens from last week

6 Garnier Fructis clearanced $2.19 -$1mq and -$2wq
Welch's Jelly 2.79
5 Robitussin $4 -$3 mq

Total Spent $3.85
Total Saved $52.75

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Publix run

4 Boxes Betty Crocker Potatoes $2 AC
4 Boxes Grape Nut Trail Mix Cereal .38 AC
4 Boxes Pillsbury Savorings 4.23 AC
2 Boxes PopTarts 1.09 AC
1 Boston Butt Roast 6.62
I used the $5 off $30 Winn Dixie coupon

Total OOP-9.42
Total Savings -45.01

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CVS and Wag's Deals

Here are a few of the better deals I saw for this week. Hope they help you to plan out your trips.

Garnier Shampoo/Gel $2.99
$2 ECB
$1mq from this weekend

Glade Scented Oil Refills 2 pk $5.49
=$1.49 after ECB

Colgate 2/$5
2 mq and the CVSq
=free to nearly free toothpaste

High Quality CVS Cotton Cloths on sale $3.49
$1 ECB
$3 CVS Item q
=money maker

SpeedStick 2/$6
$3 ECB wyb2
BOGO mq from Sunday's paper

Garnier Fructis Shampoo/Gel etc. $2.99
$2 EasySaver q in store
$1 mq that was in this weekend's paper
=free shampoo

Electrasol 20ct is $3.49
$2.50 mq from this weekends paper to =.99
Then send in at the end of the month for the EasySaver Rebate for $1.50 and make 51 cents

Reynold's wrap has in ad q for the 20ft size for .99
There has been $1 off coupons out recently for free foil.

Softsoap .99
.50mq for cheap soap

Reese's Whips 2/$1 with in ad q
$1/2 mq from Sunday

Come back tomorrow for the best deals at Walmart & Target. And this evening I will be posting my shopping trips from the past couple days and updating my spending/savings.

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Software giveaway only good on Sunday

Giveaway of the Day has Inpaint 1.0 for free today. It looks like a good product for people who take too many pictures like me. I don't have any software like this so I'm giving it a shot. Check it out here

Let me know what you think.

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Grocery Deals for you

Safeway- Load these onto your card before you go shopping to save even more
This link for Quaker oatmeal seems to print countless times! Remember, it makes it $0.25 per box when you buy in multiples of 5!

Stop & Shop- .05 credit for every bag you reuse. So remember your reusable bags!!!

2 Fiber One Honey Clusters 14.25 oz ($2 on sale / $4.29 orig) - .75 Q x 2 x 2 (doubled)
4 Multigrain Cheerios 9 oz ($2 sale / $3.99 orig) -.75 Q x 4 x 2 (doubled)
2 Total 10.6oz ($2 sale / $3.49 orig) - .75 Q x 2 x 2 (doubled)
oop = 4.00, get three $5 cats If you only have what you can print on 1 computer your oop should be $7 with 3 $5 cats back

Publix- Post Trail Mix Crunch BOGO this week at $3.99-$4.29
There is a Publix calender full of great coupons out. Check by the checkouts or Guest Services. If you don't see it be sure to ask as they may be hiding them.

Totino's $1 mq BOGO combine with $1 TQ should work out to nearly free.

Progresso 4/$5 http: $1.10 off 1 can

Sign up for Upromise and help your loved ones. Register your credit cards and shopping cards on Upromise and get free money for a loved ones college fund. There are also ecoupons to sign up for which add .50-2 every time you buy the participating products.

I'll be posting the Price Chopper deals tomorrow or Monday since they aren't in effect yet.

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First Shopping of the Year

First was a quick trip to Walgreen's. The Garnier was on clearance for $2.19 and $2.39 with a $2 off coupon in the easysaver book and a $1 mq they were alittle more than free. The Robitussin is on sale for $4 I had some $3 off coupons left but there is still $2 coupons on When you buy 5 robitussins you get a $10 RR on your next purchase, but there is some kind of wonderful glitch that is spitting out an extra $5 RR for a total of $15. My oop was $6.64 with $15 in RR's to use next week. Beware you can't roll these RR's into the robitussin deal again though.

Did 2 orders at CVS to get the most use out of my coupons. Unfortunately we are all out of peanut butter so I had to pick up some and I got bread and 2 things of ice cream that aren't pictured. The Infusium is on clearance so with the $3 off P&G coupons they were free and I'll send in for the Olay Definity rebate for buying the two washes for $7.99 each minus $5 mq and should receive $15 back hopefully. I spent $2.05 on a GC here so this trip was free.

Total Spent for 09: $6.84
Total Saved for 09: $91.60

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Giveaway on Jane4Girls

Erin at Jane4Girls is giving away a SmartShopper on her blog. It looks like a great way to organize your shopping lists. Go over and visit her and sign up to win. Enjoy!!!

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