Hello my name is Tiffany and I have a problem….. LIFE!!!!  LOL  For the past 2 months or so I feel like I am endlessly playing catchup.  I’m on a treadmill and every time I get used to the speed someone turns it up, but I’ve decided something today.  I’m getting off the treadmill, that’s it I’m done.

There will be no more playing catch up.  There are things that I wanted to do, people I wanted to reach out to, sales I wanted to shop, and things I really wanted to organize around here but it didn’t happen.  Plain and simple life gets in the way and I’ve found that walking around with the weight of all the things I wanted or should have done on my shoulders is depressing and draining.  So starting tomorrow morning my slate is clean, there are things that have to be done around the house and that’s fine but I’m not dealing with the guilt of it not being done.

I have recently started a business and would love to start booking parties and that needs my attention and my excitement.  My mother is going through a rough patch and I need to get alittle more out of my head to be supportive of her and I need to do a better job supporting my family.  But there will be no more guilt about not posting, not washing dishes, not feeling like making dinner or whatever.  I feel that this new attitude will help me back to being me.  The lists have come down I’m not carrying anything into tomorrow other than we have family visiting, we haven’t seen them in 2 years and I will enjoy their visit and stop worrying.

I’m hoping that this release will let me get back into the deal and into blogging because I love connecting with all of you and I love reading your comments and emails.  With my new business venture I will setting a schedule and I will be penciling in time for blogging but it will be in pencil so if it doesn’t happen there’s always tomorrow.  I will be starting a new set of goals for the rest of the year and sharing them soon, I’m excited to start reading everyone’s posts and blogs again I can’t wait to here how your goals are coming and what you are doing to get there.  Please feel free to share your struggles and goals here, if you would like to have a guest post please feel free to email me anytime and we can set something up.

I hope you all had a great Halloween and are excited about November and the upcoming holidays!!!

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Halloween Festivities

Since I’m making a list of possible trick or treating venues to take Shawn to I thought I might as well share.  I’m working on getting back into blogging since life is starting to settle down a little.

Noon-3pm Toys R Us will have a parade with free reusable bags and candy along the way

6pm-8pm  Florida Mall will have trick or treating no toy weapons allowed

1pm-9pm Lake Buena Vista Factory Outlet will have trick or treating at participating locations

Noon-7pm Premium Outlet Mall will have trick or treating at participating locations.  They say you can get a list at customer service.

5pm-9pm Dowtown Disney will have trick or treating at 22 locations in West Side, Pleasure Island, and Dowtown.  The places are always marked with balloons and giant mickey pumpkin markers.

Starting at 5:30pm there will be a halloween character at Boardwalk (it’s usually Mickey)

6pm there is a small selection of trick or treating and crafts at Boardwalk

If you know of other great places to go in the area that are free please share with us.  I hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween.

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Some days I feel like I’m running a marathon and never moving.  It’s just been one of those months what can I say but whew am I tired.  I’ve almost gotten the house back in order and I finally replanted some of my flowers, dug up the old, and moved the empty pots out of the way until spring rolls around.  It looks so nice and tidy outside now I’m so happy walking out the door and not seeing dead/half dead plants.

Of course there are about 1000 things going on around here on top of regular life.  But I have very exciting news on my front I have just signed up to be a consultant for Thrity-One.  You can check out the products and my site here.  I can’t wait to go down this road and hopefully help up the savings for a home.  It will also be a great opportunity for me to connect with others and share these great products.  I can’t wait to have my first party once my stuff gets here.  If you are at all interested please let me know I will be doing catalog parties as well as parties in home for people local to me.

Thanks for sticking with me through the down time on the blog.  I’m hoping that my life is going to settle down and fall into a routine very soon.  I haven’t been doing much shopping because of my overload but the cupboards are starting to show my lack of shopping.  So it’s time to get back into the game and start shopping.  I’ll be back to sharing my shopping feats very soon as well as all the great freebies and some homemade Christmas gift ideas.

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Check the Swidget!!!

Good until 3pm pacific time check the swagbucks swidget on my page.  Go quick HURRY!!!!!!  Just scroll down

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Photo Deals

If you are anything like me you have a computer/camera full of digital photos that you need to print.  I’m in the process of organizing all my photos on the new computer and lets just say I have a few to print LOL.  So I’m on a mission today to find all the great photo deals out there since I do have in theory thousands of pictures to print, I won’t be printing them all or I’d go broke.  So lets get started

  • Walgreens has a promo running until 10/17 for 10 cent photos as long as you order 50 or more online just use coupon code EVERYLAST
  • Get 50 free Photos for signing up with Shutterfly plus get free unlimited online photo storage.  Please email me if you would like to sign up and I will send you an invite (see below)
  • Get 20 free photos for signig up with Snapfish.  They have in store pickup options to cut out shipping costs. 
  • CVS.com also offers 50 free prints just for signing up.  You can get them delivered to the store for free.

If you’d like to sign up with Snapfish or Shutterfly please send me an email at bellemitchell702@gmail.com and I’ll send you an invite (they give 50/15 free prints for everyone you get to sing up and I could use all the frees I can get plus you can then send it on to all your friends).  As a special incentive you will go on my mailing list and receive any free photo promo codes I come across.  Thanks in advance for the help as I said I have literally thousands of photos to print.

I’ll be adding more as I find them so check back for more deals.

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Cheap fun this Weekend!!

I hope you got out and took the kids to Lowes this morning.  We had a great time and Shawn is loving his ball toss.

Another fun thing that was going on today was a Pumpkin Event at Michaels.  For $5 we got a craft pumpkin and a bag full of stuff to decorate it.  Shawn made a cute little dracula pumpkin and had a blast.


While we were out that way we stopped at BJ’s and got some free food from the sample ladies and gas.  It was .15 cheaper there today than at the station across the street.  I imagine they’ll go down tomorrow but still alot cheaper.  We also stopped into the Walmart out there and found 3D Sidewalk Chalk on clearance.  They had packs priced from $2-$5 so go check them out, we picked up one of the big packs for Shawn for Christmas or his birthday.

If you missed the events this weekend don’t worry.  On the 24th Lowes will have a monster magic trick event (be sure to preregister) and Michaels will have 2 more events this month.  On the 25th from 1-3 they will be making Halloween TShirts all the decorating supplies will be provided by the store you just have to buy a shirt.  Then on the 31st from 10-12 they will be giving out free trick or treat pail plus free coloring stuff, a free crayola pencil topper demo and a make and take halloween frame.  There will also be free balloons and candy for the kids. 

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Freebie Friday

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been or why I haven’t been updating at all this week I have one word for you LIFE!!!  It’s been repeatedly getting in my way.  UGH!!  But I love the freebies so here’s what I’ve found.  Remember sign up for these freebies and you’ll have treats in your mailbox and as I currently have you can have a basket of samples to use instead of buying full size products.

Mother-to-be or Father-to-be? Click this for a lot of FREE stuff for the coming baby.

Fully loaded with all your favorite casual games.  Unlimited play!  No purchase or registration required.

Win $1,500 in Groceries and Print $75.00 in Coupons for Your Thanksgiving Day Feast!

Enfamil LIPIL® Formulas. Free sample

Sign up for Quick and Crafty newsletter and receive free bonus 39 Low-Cost Kitchen Crafts eBook

Sign up for a free craft newsletter and receive the free bonus eBook 60 Cheap and Easy Crafts Click Here

Free Knitting eBook: Quick and Easy Knitting Patterns featuring 24 free knitting patterns.

Staying healthy has never been easier!  Start trying before you buy. Sample various brand name products.  Click Here

Sample GoodNights Underpants

Zyrtec Sample

Emergen-C Multi Vitamin PLUS Cherry Pomegranate Flavor and Emergen-C Pink Lemonade Samples

Prilosec OTC Sample

Garnier Fructis Shampoo Samples

Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions Samples

Free Toby the Train Coloring Book

Free Lego Magazine

Free Town and Country Magazine Subscription


Don’t forget about the Free Building Event at Lowes this weekend.  They are building a bean bag toss on Saturday from 10-11am.

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I love Photo Deals

You can't beat photo deals sign up for CVS photo and receive 50 free photos and get free shipping to your local store.

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Great Coffee Deals

These offers are too good to pass up.  If you don’t drink coffee think Christmas Gifts.

Click here to receive a 1 cup coffee maker and 1 box of coffee for just $9.95


And go here for a full size coffeemaker and 2 boxes of coffee for just $9.95

Hurry and get in on these deals now they won’t last long and they will make great Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

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Free Games!!!

I've used Pogo for years now and love their selection of free games. If you haven't signed up yet click the banner below and try it out you won't be sorry!!

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Walgreen’s First Trip


I did separate transactions at Walgreen’s so that I didn’t have to spend much out of pocket.

Total OOP was less than $5 and total saved $50.48

I’m hoping to repeat these transactions enough times to use up all my coupons and restock for my Christmas gift baskets.

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