Lots of Building Tomorrow

At Lowes your little one can build this adorable school house for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Toss in a giftcard and you have a lovely gift for the person that teaches your kid all the stuff you’ve already forgotten.  LOL

Click on the picture to be taken to the form online so you make sure you can get a spot.  Lowes clinics are from 10-11

Home Depot also has a building clinic going on tomorrow from 9 to noon.  They are building a Picket Fence Planter pictured below, there is no need to sign up online for this event so just stop by if you are out that way and have a few minutes.

Both of these clinics are free and lots of fun for the kids!!!

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Saving goals

So I’ve finally started to get serious again about my savings goals.  I don’t really have any number goals which makes this all very difficult it’s one of those times were I just went want to save as much as physically possible.  As you guys know we are trying to find a house to buy without a house picked I don’t know what the closing costs are going to be and what may need to be done to the house to get it ready to live in.  So I’m setting up 3 different goals

  1. Someone (who will remain nameless) cracked the screen on my beloved camera, it still works but with the humidity in Florida I don’t know how long it will hold out.  So it needs to be replaced and I don’t really want to spend any money on it.  I’ve been considering taking photos semi professionally and having a working camera is a big part of that.  The camera I want is $399 on Amazon.  So here’s the plan:
    • All loose change will go into the Bud Racing bottle which is already full.  Coinstar will change it into an Amazon giftcard for no fee.
    • Swagbucks, MyPoints, Opinion Outpost, and RewardPort all cash out with Amazon Giftcards and they will all be put towards my camera.
    • If I start a photography venture with the old camera all profits will also go towards the new camera
  2. Goal 2 is to have some money to cover the actual moving expenses and basics like paint, doorknobs, etc when we move.  Again I don’t want this to be money I even notice saving.  The plan for that is really simple on Thursdays I take out a certain amount of money for groceries, gas, etc so instead of saving the extra and going out to dinner or something any extra money will into my adorable house bank and will get deposited once a month in a special account.
  3. The third goal and the biggest is to grow the amount we have saved for closing costs and any larger things that need to be done.  This one might actually take a bit more creative thinking but so far I’ve decided that the debit card (aka the demon easy spender) is coming out of my wallet.  So is the Paypal card with the exception of one tank of gas a week.  I sell stuff on ebay and with my profits I pay for my gas but the rest will be left alone until the end of the month when I’ll transfer the profits to the savings account.
We’ll see how it goes but I have no doubt that I’ll have  2 very helpful savings account and be half way to a new camera by the end of May, now if only we could find a house to spend this money on already.

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Great Deal on Your Shape

I was fortunate enough to receive this game free from Houseparty but this is a really great deal. Regular price for this game is $49.99 so hurry and order now.

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Mystery Hostess

You're Invited

I’m having a Mystery Hostess party this week and you are all invited.  Everyone who places an order during this event will be entered for a chance to win all the hostess perks!!!!  For everyone you tell who places an order you get an extra entry and another shot at getting the hostess rewards. (you have to tell me about them so I know they are your friend)

Boardwalk Bags

So stop by my Thirty-One page and click on My Events and go to the Mystery party or just click here and check out all the new stuff we have for Spring and Summer.

Plus all orders over $50 get free shipping!!!  While you are looking around don’t forget about Mother’s Day.  We have some great purses and totes for all the moms in your life.  Let me know if you’d like to host your own party May is double hostess rewards month and a great time to host a party.

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Great Deal

This price won't last long so I'd order now!!!

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Free Crochet Patterns

Sign up for the All Free Crochet Hooked on Crochet newsletter and receive 'Free Crochet Patterns: Crochet Stitches' free.

This is so weird because I just dug out my crochet hooks last night and started on a small project, guess I’ll have lots more patterns delivered straight to my inbox.

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Build and Grow at Lowes

Don’t forget about the building clinic at Lowes tomorrow.

The kids will be building this adorable see through planter.  The clinics are from 10 to 11am.  I suggest you register online at https://www.lowesbuildandgrow.com/Home.aspx because they get very busy some weekends.

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A good day

The orange trees are in full blossom and they smell wonderful, the windows are open, there is a breeze blowing and my floor is covered in shopping bags.  LOL

There’s only a few days left in the grocery sales but I thought I would share just in case someone else wanted to get in on the deals.

First stop was Winn-Dixie

  • 2 Capri Sun  $2 each with no coupons!!!
  • 3lbs of Beef Tenderloin (I think) BOGO on the packs and I found 2 exactly the same size $6.99
  • Nesquik Strawberry $2.99 had some overage and the boys love this stuff
  • 4 Packs of Premio Sausage these are on sale BOGO and Premio had a BOGO pdf coupon for becoming a fan on facebook so they were FREE
  • Martins Potato Rolls $3.19 for the brats
  • Glade Impressions thingy $9.99 used free coupon
  • 4 Mach3 Disposable Razors on sale for $4.99
    • These are part of the P&G sale to spend $20 and get $5 off your order.  They are counting the presale price of $10.99 and took $10 off my order plus I used BOGO coupons which also took $10.99 off instead of $4.99 so I got lots of overage

In total I spent $6.83 for everything above and saved $93.72 the guy that checked me had to pick his jaw up off the floor after he scanned my card and saw the total.  I’m just soo happy to have the main course for 6 meals and few goodies for the family.  I don’t usually buy caprisuns but I thought I’d splurge a little.  However if I go back to use my other two BOGO razor coupons I’m going to use that overage to either get soda for the yardsale or more meat.

I’ll type up my Publix trip in a bit this is longer than I thought it would be.

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Great Photo Deals

Coupons.com has a couple must prints for photo deals.


This is for a free Portrait collage at Sears with no session fees.


And this is for a Free Portrait Package 1 8x10, 2 5x7, and 8 wallets.

These are great deals especially with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner.

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We have babies

It’s official spring has sprung and so has the morning dove that thought my window box was a suitable nest.  After getting over being annoyed that I went to plant new flowers and found a bird nesting there I thought of how nice it would be for Shawn to get to watch the process.

Well yesterday momma bird flew off to get some food and look what we saw


That’s Daddy standing watch.  He quickly cleaned out the egg mess, I was surprised to see that he took the shell and flew off quite a ways with it leaving the babies all alone well except for me and hubby standing watching.

005So Happy Spring!!!!  Now back to deals, make sure you get your papers tomorrow there will be coupons.

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Walgreen’s Photo Deal

This is one of my favorites it’s a FREE 8x10 print

I love to get these and update my son’s photo.  Enjoy!!!

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Walgreen’s Photo Deal

80% off 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 Collage Prints

This isn’t too bad if you like these types of prints.  After I check the prices I might think about a couple of them.

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Walgreens Photo Deal

Today’s deal is great and really needed.  20 4x6 prints for FREE!!!!!  Just in case you have some more Easter prints this is the time to get some of them printed out.

I will be getting in on this one for sure.

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Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is allowing all preschoolers that are currently 5 or younger in for free for the rest of the year.  They are celebrating the opening of the Sesame Street Safari of Fun.  You have to go online to register here and you have to be a Florida Resident.  We will be thinking about getting this and possibly get the Florida Fun Cards for ourselves. 

The Florida FunCard gets you admission to the park for the rest of the year for $69.95 however it doesn’t get you free parking.

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This sounds so cool I’m signing up and maybe it’ll keep all my online info together.

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Daily Health tips

Sign up below to receive daily health and wellness tips. 

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Walgreens Photo Deal

Today’s deal is an 11x14 print for $1.99

This is one I might have to get in on.  I love the bigger pictures but hate paying the price.  I’ll let you know once I check into it and see if you have to pay for shipping.

Ok the shipping is $1.99 and if you order online use the code poster199 or you can print the coupon off and make on in store with no shipping fees. Guess where I'm headed later.

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Disney Movie Rewards

I love this program you can use the codes off the back of Disney movies that you purchase to earn free stuff but you can also earn lots of  free points.  If you haven’t signed up for this program and are interested leave a comment with your email (I won’t publish it) and I’ll send you a refer a friend email (which will get me free points).

Today I got a Treasure Hunt Email from them for 100 free points.  If you want to do the treasure hunt yourself stop reading now, if you don’t want to be bothered I’ve already figured out the clues for you.

  1. popular worth 10 points
  2. partners worth 15 points
  3. wildflower worth 20 points
  4. online worth 25 points
  5. green worth 30 points

These are only good through 4/19 so go enter them soon.

Walgreens Photo Deal

It look like today’s photo deal at Wag’s will be a second set of prints free from a roll. 

I can’t imagine many people still use actual film for their cameras but I guess there are still lots of people using disposable cameras.

Updated to add that the online deal for today is 50% 5x7 photo books using code 50BOOK

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Walgreens Photo Deal of the Day

Today only on Walgreens.com you can get 4x6’s for 9 cents each with free shipping.  This is a pretty good price so you might as well load all those adorable Easter pictures and get them printed.  If you are like me if you don’t do it now they’ll be sitting on your computer for months.

If you are headed to the store and need ink they also have ink refills for $7.99 today.  Visit the website to get a coupon.

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Home Depot Kid’s Workshop

Tomorrow from 9 to Noon you can go build this butterfly house at Home Depot for FREE!!!!  Plan on trying to go early since sometimes they are very busy.  We are going to try and go but are going to an Easter Egg Hunt that’s at 9:30 so hopefully my Home Depot won’t be too busy tomorrow.

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It’s been awhile

since I preached about Swagbucks but sitting on the couch playing Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics on the Wii tonight got me thinking about it again.  I bought this great game on Amazon a few days ago when it was on sale for about $20 and using my Swagbucks giftcards it cost me absolutely nothing.  It just so happened that I ordered on the last day of my free Amazon Prime Trial so shipping was free too.  I tell you if I could ever monetize this blog better I’d get the Prime in a heartbeat free 2 day shipping just can’t be beat.

So anyways if you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks what’s holding you up?  Feel free to ask me any questions you have about it.  I’ve been a member for quite some time and love the program.  On top of earning free giftcards you can also earn FREE money just for searching the internet, which is probably something you do anyways.

If you are interested in finally signing up click on Swagbucks and get yourself ready to earn free stuff.

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Decent Deal at Target

If you print this coupon out for $1 off Ore Ida Potatoes you could get 3 bags of HashBrowns at Target for $3 or if you have access to 2 computers and can print 3 coupons you could get 3 bags for $2.  Not a bad deal for some cheap and easy potatoes.

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