Freebie Day!!!!

Denny's has a couple buy one get one free coupons here. You can redeem them through 2/27 so get out there and have a meal on Denny's.

If you sign up here for Wendy's emailing list you should receive a $1 off coupon with in the week in your email. Use it on any value menu item for a free/cheap sandwich. Plus you'll be signed up for any additional coupons they decide to send out in the future.

Go here for a free Roast Burger with a drink purchase at Arby's. If you sign up for their newsletters you'll get emails occasionally with these great deals.

Enjoy your cheap meal out this week!!!

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Back to normalish

My family has all gone back to their homes and life will be getting back to normal. We had a great week in my grandma's memory. I didn't do much deal shopping while everyone was here so nothing great to report.

Today I went to CVS and picked up Nyquil and Dayquil and my newspapers. Ended up spending a couple more extra bucks then I got back but we go through Nyquil/Dayquil so it was worth it for me.

I went to Walgreen's afterwards. I got 4 boxes of Reynold's wrap, 6 Hershey's bars, and gillette razor for about $5.50 after coupons and got back a $6 RR. Turned around and used that $6 RR on 2 boxes of Theraflu and will be putting in for the $6 rebate through Walgreen's.

I haven't done the rebates there in awhile, I had a bad experience and lost a lot of rebates about 6 months ago. But I am willing to give them another shot, I will only be doing deals there that are free or money makers and we'll see how it goes for now. If all goes well I'll start having some rebates sent to my mom since I do most of her H&B shopping anyways. So what deals did you get in on this week? What great things did I miss?

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Maybelline Samples

If you go here you can sign up to receive 12 that's right 12 samples of Maybelline's new air whipped makeup. They send you 1 in each color so you can find the color that matches your skin tone.

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Publix Deals this week

Here are a few deals that jumped out at me. I will let you know if there is anything else good after I study the ad. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to it and the massive stack of coupons I still have to clip and sort.

Milkbones BOGO with BOGO mq FREE!!!!!!

Green Giant Veggies 50% off
There are coupons out for this which should make it a good deal. Not sure of what they are yet.

Healthy Ones Honey Ham [Or Oven Roasted or Honey Roasted Turkey Breast, 8-oz tub] 2/$5
There is a $1/1 Publix store Q and there are .75/1 mfr Qs from various inserts there is also an IPQ here

Juicy Juice 8 Count 8ct is BOGO $3.29
$1 off 2 manufacturer coupon here and there was a target $1 off 2 coupon in the 2/1 Smart Source insert.

Should make them about .65 each

Let me know if there are any other deals that jump out at you this week.

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Free GiftCards!!!!!

Who here uses a search engine? Sign up here for Swagbucks and get free giftcards. I use Swagbucks as my primary search engine now and have received a $5 GC to Starbucks and 2 $5 giftcards for Amazon.

The way it works is as you search for things you will randomly win Swagbucks. They also occasionally offer extra swagbucks via promo codes. Once you hit 45 swagbucks you are eligible for a $5 Amazon gc. This is currently my favorite reward since you enter the codes at Amazon and let them sit there until you need them. It seems to take about a month to earn enough bucks for that gc but if you were going to be searching anyways (daily here) then it's free money. So run don't walk and sign up before you miss out on anymore free money.

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Just took a quick trip to CVS today. I needed some envelopes and packing paper for a couple of my ebay auctions so I might as well get it free. No picture today sorry I'm cleaning so everything got put away asap. I did 2 orders one my card one on Dave's card.

3 Padded Envelopes
1 roll of Packing Paper
4 Colgate toothpastes ($1.50 mq)
2 Gillette Razors ($5 mq from Daytona yesterday)
4 25ct packs of CVS brand cotton rounds
1 Mylanta Cherry ($2 IPQ)
2 Glucerna Shakes
2 Glucerna Cereals
2 25% more CVS brand cheezits

I spent $1.25 oop and broke even on ECB's after all my coupons

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Quick Publix Note

Publix has select Pillsbury rolls/buns on sale 10 for $10 this week. In yesterday's paper in the SmartSource insert there is a mail in rebate for a $10 Publix giftcard when you buy 15 General Mills products. Even with just the coupons from this week you would spend $14.45 for 15 cans of rolls/buns and get back $10. Works out to .30 a can which is a great price.

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Farmer's Market Deals

We went to the Farmer's Market in Orlando today. It wasn't the biggest and I was honestly expecting more veggies and fruits but I love to look at all the wonderful stuff the locals do. There were lots of beautiful art and jewelry and tons of puppies. It was dog day so there were lots running around and that kept Shawn a very happy little boy.

Anyways I found a veggie stand that had good prices and a large selection. We only bought a few things for the week since we still have some things at home that need to be used. I bought 2 zucchini for $1, a large head of cabbage for $1, and a huge basket of green beans for $2.50. The cabbage will last us for 2 meals or a meal and lunches depending on how I make it, the green beans will probably last us for 3 dinners (we had some tonight and they were great). So we ended up with fresh local veggies for 5-6 nights for $4.50.

After we left the farmer's market we headed to Albertson's and picked up 10lbs of pork picnic and 5lbs of chicken legs for $15.00. Once I figure out what to do with the pork picnic that will feed us at 3 times (depending on how much bone there is) and the chicken will last for 2 nights. Unfortunately this Albertson's was out of stock on nearly everything, but I'm going to take the ad to Publix and Walmart and try my luck with them honoring the ad.

In total we got at least 5 nights of food today for less than $20. If I don't figure in the leftovers that I'll eat for lunch it still works out to about $1.34 per person per night for fresh veggies and fresh meat. Combine in some of the free noodles or potatoes I got a few weeks ago at Publix and you've got big filling well balanced healthy meals for a family of 3 for nearly a week. We won't be eating this all this week as I have plenty of stuff in the freezer and I try and rotate things. But I did want to point out that with a little work you can eat well for very little $$. And once you get working on it you can stock up when the sales are hot and avoid the stores when the sales are not.

Next week I'll be visiting a different farmer's market that runs on Saturdays. I'll let you all know how it goes. My challenge for you for the week is to put your fingers to good use and search online for your local farmer's markets, if it's still too cold in your area just find out when they start and where. When you get a chance please visit enjoy the wonderful veggies from your area and let me know about it.

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A "Sweet" Morning

This morning the new Sweetbay had their grand opening and it pays to go early for these deals. So we took Dave to work and Shawn and I headed over to the Sweetbay. There was a bit of a line to get in when we got there but it was well worth it.

The first freebie was a pineapple at the door then just inside there was a man with a huge bowl of fresh strawberries. YUM!!!! Strawberries were on sale fresh from Plant City and very yummy so we picked up a 2 lb package. Then they were giving away free carnations and free cookies so Shawn had a cookie and got mommy a flower. I went around to use the mailer coupons we got for free butter and a free loaf of bread (I live in an apartment and sifted through the mail trash and snagged several of these so I'll be going several times over the next week to stock up on butter). When we got to the checkout the butter coupon ended up taking off $2.50 even though the butter was on sale for $2 so I paid $2.49. On the way out they were giving out reusable shopping bags filled with goodies. The bag had a bottle of apple juice, a box of cereal, a box of wafers, and a box of spaghetti all Hannaford brand.

Then we headed over to CVS and picked up the milk I needed on sale for $3.29 and some glade candles, tissues, and a few other things. I paid .75 oop there. When we were leaving I decided at the price for strawberries I would go back and get some more and freeze them for when they aren't so cheap. We headed back and received another free pineapple and another bag of goodies on the way out. I told them we had already been in once and were just coming in to get some more strawberries but they didn't care. My total that trip was $2.99

We are going to go out to the farmer's market tomorrow morning to get the rest of the produce for the week hopefully cheaper than the grocery stores. The best part of that is we will be supporting the local growers who need the help the most in this economy.

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Big Y

Just from looking at the ad online it looks like Big Y has some great deals. I'll post a few of the matchups that look good to me but there are several Buy 1 Get 2 free deals that you should also take advantage of. I saw potatoes and english muffins on that list and would totally be stocking up on those this week.

Butterball Turkey Bacon BOGO
$1 IPQ

Cook's Smoked Ham Shank Portion $1.28/lb
$1 IPQ

Nabisco 100 calorie pack cookies or crackers BOGO
$2/2 IPQ

Make sure before you head out to Big Y you check here for any in store coupons that might be helpful.

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Publix Deals

I haven't gone to Publix yet this week but I did spot a few deals out there that seem good. If I find any other good deals I'll update. But this is a good starting place.

Knorr Sides BOGO $1.49
.75/2 MQ =.74 for 2

Uncle Bens Country Inn Rice BOGO $1.49
$1/2 IP =.49 for 2

Pillsbury Moist Supreme Cake Mix BOGO $1.69
$1/2 MQ =.69 for 2

Land O Lakes Spread BOGO $2.09
.55 IP =.99 for 2

Yoplait Yo-Plus Digestive Yogurt 2/$4
$1.50 IP =.50 each

Aleve Pain Medicine $2.99
$1 IP + $4/2 PQ =Free Aleve

Revlon Products up to $4.50
-$2.50 PQ and $1 or $2 mq =FREE stuff

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I know that I had full intentions of getting the grocery deals up today but truth be told when you are just feeling alittle better you can't get nearly as much done as you plan. I have started taking my notes for the week and will hopefully get in done early tomorrow.

Just a little grocery note for anyone with an Albertson's in the area check your ad. My local store has a buy 1 get 2 free coupon for seasoned boneless chicken breast which I can use at Publix. They also are advertising 3 items in a 10 pounds for $10 sale those items are fresh whole pork picnics, bone in pork country style ribs, and bone in chicken breast. I will be looking in my freezer for some extra room and seeing what I can stock up on. For $30 you could end up with 30 pounds of meat which to me is beyond a great deal.

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Starting to catch up

Sorry I haven't been around alot lately again. I promised to get back on top of things when my mother in law went home and life settled down. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. My husband was so kind as to share his cold with me and I've been under the weather for the past 4-5 days. YUCK!!!!

I'm starting to feel better so my goals for today are to update the grocery deals for the week for everyone. Come back tonight or tomorrow morning since I can't guarantee that it'll be done early. My house has become a wreck with dishes to be washed everything to be disinfected again and tons of coupons to be clipped and filed I'm hoping most of this will be done today. So while you are flipping through your grocery ads waiting for me to post the best of the best deals I challenge you to find a local farmer's market. I found one in Orlando (not real local but close enough) and one in Winter Park that we will be attending this weekend. If you have to spend money on fresh fruits and veggies you might as well support your local farmers. With the economy still in the toilet we all need to support the small guys they need the help the most.

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Monthly Recap

Well I have tried but failed at keeping up with my spending to a tee. But I will try again next month, the good news is I was able to put away $25 each week last month so I at least stayed on budget. We have been adding to the stockpile and using smartly from there. I'm going to post later about my run to Publix last week, it was just too good not to share.

So how did you do sticking to your budget or tracking your spending? I found with my mother in law here it was harder to devote the time to tracking all my receipts but hopefully I can remedy that this month however a family reunion is sure to throw me alittle off track. I think I'm in the right place for my savings goals right now some weeks it's really easy and others it's a lot harder but it seems to be evening out at least.

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Free Breakfast at Denny's on Tuesday

From 6am to 2pm this Tuesday the 3rd Denny's will be giving a free grandslam breakfast to every guest that comes in. You will also receive a booklet full of coupons to use the next time you come in. So go out and have a free breakfast on Denny's, but be prepared to wait a little possibly as this ad will be running this afternoon during the superbowl and will be getting lots of attention.

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