Show your American pride with this downloadable collection of craft projects and fabulous recipes for the 4th of July. This looks like it could be fun.

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Publix Ad

Ok after a quick glance at the ad here's a few things that jump out at me. I believe there are coupons out there for most of these items but I'm not going to post any sources because I don't keep track like that. If you want to view a full matchup for the ad and all the coupons go here.

Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs BOGO psa $3.99
I have 2 free coupons which will equal 4 free packs of hot dogs. Plus I also have 2 free buns wyb 2 OM hot dogs.

Kraft BBQ BOGO psa $1.39
There have been lots of printable coupons for this as well as some .75 ones in a recent insert

Betty Crocker Potatoes BOGO psa $1.79
Click here for access to printable coupons for these

McCormick Pepper BOGO $3.59
There might have been coupons for this out. I still need to check on this, if not pepper is an often used item so stocking up a bit at half off isn't a bad idea.

Capri Drink Pouches $2
I can't remember if there are coupons for these but if there are I'll let you know. Juice boxes go fast in the summer

Birdseye Veggies 50%
That usually makes the broccoli less than $1 a package. We eat alot of veggies so it's a good time to replenish, if you have coupons than it's great to stock up

GE Lightbulb $2.50 off coupon in flyer
Combine with a MQ and you could get a really cheap energy efficient lightbulb

Also on my list but not in the ad:

Reach Floss MQ + PQ =Free

Raid Spray MQ + PQ=Free to really cheap

Sundown Vitamins PQ= Free to really cheap

Ziploc Bags MQ + TQ(if my store will take them) =Free to really cheap

So is there anything that you see that is jumping out at you this week for groceries?

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Today's Agenda

Shawn and I are heading out in a little bit to walk over to Lowes. He's very excited about building a pirate ship. When we get back I'm going to post what I see for good deals at Publix this week and then I've got ebay auctions to work on plus my never ending to do list. I might need coffee lots of coffee. LOL

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you'd be interested in hearing the best deals from any other grocery stores. I've been trying to decide what stores deals I should post or link to other great bloggers deals. So please let me know what you want, it's not going to be much extra work for me I read so many other great blogs that I can easily link to one of them for stores that aren't in my shopping area. I'm looking forward to some comments when I get home.

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Winn Dixie (current deal go now!!)

I know I almost never go to Winn Dixie anymore. There sales are usually not worth it anymore and they are the closest store to me. They used to have great B1G2 Free Sales on meat all the time but since they've been in and out of bankruptcy the sales have gone down the drain. That being said there was a deal good enough for me to go last night and maybe again tonight.

2 2% Kraft Colby Jack Cheese Bricks $3
2 2% Shredded Mexican Cheese $3
1 Fancy Shred Mozzerella Cheese $1.50

For these I used 2 $1 IPQ and 2 .55 mq plus when you buy 5 you get a $4 OYNO coupon. I also got

3lb bananas $2.17
Asparagus (he rang them up as green onions) .65
5lb Idaho Potatoes $2
2lb Ground Chuck $2.97 (Dave loves meatloaf and it's been a while since I made it)
Seasoned Chicken Drumsticks $2.59

For these I used 3 $1.75 off produce wyb Kraft Cheese and 1 $1.75 off chicken wyb Kraft Cheese. I got these at Publix and they say Publix Produce/Chicken on them but the manager ok'd there use at my store since they are manufacturer coupons.

Total OOP was $7.78 Total Savings $25.23 plus I received a $4 oyno coupon which I might use to get more cheese otherwise I'll use it at Publix next time.

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Fun Day of Shopping

We went out on Tuesday and had a fun shopping day. There were a few deals I wanted to get in on and I will probably go back out tomorrow to get a few more deals. So the first stop was Target (sorry no pics again)

Glade Spray Free with peelie
4 Kraft Easy Mac .48 after BOGO's and $1mq
2 Trial Coppertone FREE with peelie
2 Trial Banana Boat Free with MQ
2 Ziploc Containers FREE with TQ and MQ
4 Lipton Iced Tea Mixes $6 with MQ +Free $5 GC
4 Lipton Triangle Teas $4.56 with MQ +Free $5 GC
1 Skintimate Gel .24 with TQ and MQ
2 Trail Cottonelle Wipes Free with TQ

Total OOP was $13.56 (seems off to me but that's ok) with $10 in GC Total Saved was $38.69

Next stop was Kmart for 2 transactions. I had a ton of free glade coupons to use.

6 Glade PlugIns Free with MQ
6 Glade Lasting Impressions Free with MQ
2 Glade Fabric Sprays Free with MQ

Total was $3.89 (all tax) and I received a $14 OYNO coupon since my glade total was over $50 Total Sace was $72.26

Second Transaction
Transformer Sheet Set for Shawn $14.99
-$14 OYNO q

Total OOP was $1.06 Total Savings was $19.00 (I guess the sheets were on sale)

Then I headed to Walgreens

1 Aquafresh $2.25 with MQ
3 John Freida Shampoos $6 with MQ
1 Speed Stick $1.99 with MQ
1 Bottled Water .25 (deals are a thristy job in 90 degree weather LOL)

Used a $10 RR from a previous deal OOP was 1.96 Total Savings $27.01 I also received $5, $3, $2 RR for my next purchases.

The last stop was Publix (these are last weeks deals so they won't work now Sorry for being too late posting)

6 Starbucks Ice Cream BOGO Free with MQ +.63 overage
2 Dannon Yogurts BOGO Free with MQ
1 Glad Wrap .59 with MQ
1 Matchlite Charcoal $4.99 with MQ
2 Cascade Rinse Free with MQ
3 Packages of St Louis Spareribs about 7lbs $6.82 (used a B1G2 Free Competitor coupon plus a $6 off wyb charcoal, glad, and pork)

Total OOP was $12.36 Total Saved was $68.51

This wasn't one of my best grocery store runs but considering we got about 6 meals worth of meat I'd say it wasn't too bad. Plus that ice cream is yummy!!!

So did you have any great shopping days this week? Any tips for my shopping day tomorrow? I'm going to head to Old Navy for the $5 bathing suits I'm hoping to find one for each of us.

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Topsy Turvy Update

Please forgive me for this being sooo late. I took the pics Sunday night and spent all day yesterday cleaning closets and fighting what I think is a stubborn cold. I'm feeling like crud but got woken up by an early morning storm. Hopefully I'll get a nap in later. Well here's the pics.

As you can probably see it's really starting to fill out. I'm hoping the wind this morning didn't take too much of a toll on it. When it gets too windy I've been taking it down and laying it in the yard, I just don't think it can handle being beaten too much.

And here's how my tomatoes are coming along. So far there's only these, there is a small one that you can't really see. So I'm up to 3 cherry tomatoes it seems like this topsy turvy is doing pretty well. So far I give it 4 stars.

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A Great Offer

Get Your Diabetes Meal Planner. Sign up to receive Free information and meal plan guide to learn how to manage blood sugar. This is a great help to anyone that's got diabetes or someone who might have it in the long run like myself. Please sign up here for the free info. Thanks

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Super Target Run!!

I had a great run to Target tonight. I don't have the receipt in front of me so I'll just give you a basic run down of my goodies/deals

10 Beyers Ice Cream (Buy 5 Get $5 GC)
10 Packs Klondike Bars (Buy 5 Get $5 GC)
1 Pace Salsa
1 Skintimate Shave Gel
4 Driscoll's Strawberries
2 Glade Plug Ins
2 Target Cream of Chicken Soups
1 Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs

Total Spent was $24.xx and I got back $20 in GC's So I really only spent $4.xx on all that ice cream. I would have broke it down into groups to pay with the $5 GC's to keep my OOP lower but it was late and super busy. I can spend that $20 on groceries later in the month.

Quick glance at my receipt says I saved $76.79

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Nestle Cookie Dough Recall

Last week (I think) this was on sale BOGO at Publix so if you bought any Nestle Cookie Dough read this article. And be prepared to throw it away. I'm sure there's more info out there somewhere if you look for the recall. Luckily I didn't buy any of this when it was on sale but I know it was a good deal so some of you guys might have picked it up. Please read about it and be safe.

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Money Savings Challenge Weekly Update

Well it seems that an easy way not to spend too much is to just stay out of the stores. I've been printing coupons and making lists this morning for a big shopping day tomorrow but this week has been uneventful for shopping.

1. I've been staying out of the stores this week so we haven't spent much at all. In addition to not spending much we've been using some of the stockpile. I'm going to be reorganizing the freezer today too make sure everything is getting used in a timely manner and hopefully I'll be getting some ice cream tomorrow to fill up the freezer.

2. We've been keeping up with working out in the evenings when it's coolest out so not to have to run the AC too much.

3. The dishwasher is remaining as a large drying rack when I do dishes, no electric to run it. LOL

4. We walked to the Farmer's Market on Wednesday to save on gas and got some good deals on veggies.

5. I clipped and organized all my coupons, the only way to save the big bucks is to be organized in the coupon department. I still have some coupons to file that I had pulled for Kmart doubles and didn't use. Maybe later today.

6. Next week is going to start my area by area deep cleaning of the house. I'll be breaking the house up into small manageable areas and picking one a day until everything is deep cleaned. I'm talking about decluttering, scrubbing walls floors, and in general weeding out the crap that's cluttering my house. Luckily the house is pretty clean so it won't be too bad.

7. Dave and I will pick out one free/cheap activity for this week. I'll try and plan any errands I want to run into this so we can get the best bang for our gas. I'm working on doing only the free/money making deals for the next few weeks. Of course I'll still have to pay for the needs and some meat with my buy 1 get 2 free coupons but that'll be it.

8. I've been tending my little garden and have picked several cherry pear tomatoes. We also have 2 more peppers ready to be picked (I'm waiting till Sunday so we can have them with Brats for Father's Day). I'll be posting pics Sunday or Monday of the garden and the topsy turvy.

So what have you been doing this week? I have several recycling projects that I'm excited to share with you next week once I get them a little more done so be sure to check back.

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BJ's Warehouse Club?

So we have a BJ's that just opened up the road from us and stopped in yesterday to see what the prices were. Since I'm really interested in baking my own bread I checked out the price of yeast and flour. The flour was a couple pennies cheaper per pound than Walmart but the I could get a pound of yeast at BJ's for the price of a 3 packet thing at Walmart. These are both items I don't usually get on sale anywhere so that's why I picked them.

Do you have a membership to BJ's? I'm looking for some other user opinions on them. I noticed that they are the only warehouse club that takes manufacturer coupons and have store coupons. A membership for a year is $45 or we can probably get an add on card through my Mother in Law for about $20 a year. They also seem to have good prices on fruits and meats so I think we'd get good use out of it.

So what do you think? Do you have a club membership? Do you use it alot? I get alot of my groceries for free or very cheap through sales and coupons but there are always things I can't get or things I need and have run out of. I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks.

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Topsy Turvy Update

It's that time of week again. It's time to see how the Topsy Turvy is progressing. If you've missed any of the previous posts here they are. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and this is week 5.
The plants have started to get really big. And now for the exciting part.......

My very first tomato has started. These will be cherry tomatoes and there are several other flowers so it's looking promising.

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Kmart Doubles!!

Here's the prices:

6 Pedigree Plus Free with the BOGO coupons
6 Ziploc bags Free with the BOGO coupons
1 Ziploc Container .69 with $1mq
1 Aquafina $1
1 Apple Juice $1.59
10 KC BBQ Sauce Free with $1mq
1 Gourmet Lollipop .50
4 Advil 24 ct Free with $2mq
2 Windex .79 each with $1mq
3 Purex 3 in 1 Sheets $1.99 each with $2mq
4 Ziploc Pumps Free with $2mq
4 Mean Green .19 each with $1mq
2 Cheerios Free with $1mq
1 Honey Maid Cracker .50 with $1mq

Now's here's the tricky part my first order also included 3 bags of Starbucks coffee marked $4.49 which I thought using my $1.50 mq would make them $1.49 a bag. Well it turns out that only the Breakfast Blend is marked down (lets pay no attention to the fact that it wasn't clearly marked on the shelves) I didn't buy the Breakfast Blend. So my total was $26 for my first trip which I knew was high but since Kmart doesn't employ cashiers there was a line 7 deep behind me. I took my receipt and went and sat in the car to figure it out with a pen. Turns out the coffee rang up $8.99 which accounts for $13.50 of my total and the cashier misrang one of my coupons shorting me $1.30. I go back inside expecting an adjustment and they refuse since it's my fault I don't read minds (did I mention my dislike for Kmart LOL). So they proceed to refund me my money for the coffee and I inform them that if they aren't going to pay me the full $8.99 for each then they need to go get my coupons and give them back. The manager agrees so they refund the full amount plus my $1.30 for the misring. Drumroll please.........they refund me $28.37 in cash you might not remember but I paid $26 so they paid me $2.37 for shopping. I went and picked up a few more things to use my $3 oyno coupon and paid .43 So I'm still up $1.94

Total OOP -$1.94 Total Saved $114.72

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Money Savings Challenge Weekly Update

It's time to see what I did to help save some money this week!!

1. I have resisted the urge to take Dave to work and go Kmart shopping. I plan on going tonight when he gets home from work and also hitting Kohls, Target, and Walgreens to help save on gas.

2. We've been working out at night so the house is a little cooler to start with. We are using the EA Active that I got free from Amazon with gift cards earned using Swagbucks. If you haven't signed up stop reading click here and sign up now. There's nothing better than free gift cards.

3. We've been keeping the lights, TV and computer off as much as possible. When needed we are trying to use the energy efficient light bulbs.

4. Because me and the dishwasher have such a bad relationship it's become a very large drying rack for when I do dishes. So no electricity to run it.

5. I flagged down the maintenance man and got another filter for the AC. I don't remember when I changed it last but it can't hurt and the complex is paying for it. That's a double savings I don't need to buy a filter and my AC will run better.

6. I've been tending my little garden check back on Sunday for my topsy update and to see the most recent pics of how things are growing. Feel free to pick my brain if you are new to containers, I'm no expert by any means but I am getting pretty good at it.

7. I've been wanting smores so I blew some free RR's from Walgreens to make all the smores fixings plus eggs, cupcake mixes and 2 loaves of bread. All stuff that I normally would have paid real money for.

8. We have added quite a bit to the compost bin this week. Dave went out after they cut the grass and sweeped up a good pile of clippings for me and I added lots of veggie and fruit waste plus my coffee grounds this week. My goal is next spring to have a container full of rich soil to add to my pots to rejuvenate them.

9. We are planning on walking to Lowes tomorrow so Shawn can attend the Build and Grow clinic. They are making a putting green type thing for Daddy. I'll be filling a couple water bottles tonight and putting them in the fridge so I don't have the urge to stop at Walmart, the gas station, or Starbucks on the way for something cool.

So what have you done this week to help keep your bills low? Remember every little bit helps so if you aren't watching the TV turn it off. It'll make a difference at the end of the month when you look at your bill.

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Kmart Doubles Run!

I swore off Kmart a couple years ago when they started pulling the bait and switch on DVD's on Black Friday. They got me back in the door with the start of the double coupons, but the stores where so unprepared, long lines, no stock, and rude cashiers turned me off again. There have been several doubling events that I haven't participated in since, but after looking through my coupons I have alot of coupons for items that would be nearly free and I decided what the heck. So off I go to a store I don't like once again in hopes that double coupons catch on in Florida and we have them at any other store someday (PUBLIX did you hear me LOL) I splurged on a couple items that we really needed while I was at Kmart but overall I did pretty well. Here's my list from my first run, I'm going back today.

Johnson's Baby Powder $1.79 AC (I keep forgetting to buy this for Dave)
Drano $2.89 AC (the darn tub wouldn't drain that morning)
Purex 3 in 1 $1.99 AC
5 Ziploc Vac Pump Free AC
4 Huggies Wipes Free AC
5 Oust Air Free AC
Glade Candle .49 AC
2 Fantastik .98 AC total
3 Playtex Gloves .57 AC total
Cheerios Free AC

Total OOP $6.48 Total Saved $64.76 I received a $14 OYNO coupon that I used immediately.

3pk of Spongebob Underwear $5.79
2 pairs Spongebob Pajamas $10.19

Total OOP was $2.12 Total Saved $20.80

Have you been hitting the Kmart doubles? Any thing you found for free that I missed? Of course they probably just didn't have any of it in stock in my store. Did I mention I don't like Kmart because of stock issues. Feel free to let me know how you made out this week.

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Oh I love Publix

No pictures again this week. Sorry!!! But I had to get most of the stuff put away right away so we had no spoilage and if I don't do it right away it sits out forever. Anyways I did some great pillaging at Publix today and thought I would share. Here's what I got.

14 boxes South Beach Bars BOGO $2.99 =$20.93 -$28.00 mq OVERAGE!!
2 Nestle Tollhouse Refrigerated Dough BOGO $3.39 -$2mq =1.39
4 Kids Cuisines BOGO $2.19 =$4.38 -$1.10mq =3.28
10 Hunts Ketchup BOGO $1.39 =$6.95 -$2.80mq =4.15
3 Chef Boyardee $3
4 Jars Gulden Mustard $1.29 =$5.16 -$4mq =1.16
4 Bertolli Spaghetti Sauce BOGO $2.89 =$5.78 -$4mq =1.78
3 BallPark Hot Dogs $2 =$6 -$1/2mq -B1G2Free Albertson's Q =$1
9.5lb Pork Chops $1.99 =$20.81 -B1G2Free Albertson's Q = 7.14

Total OOP $15.83 Total Savings (including sales) $118.41

I will also be sending in for a $10 Publix gift card so that'd bring my total down to $5.83

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With all the recent talk about gardening have you signed up for the garden club at Home Depot yet? They have free gardening tips and savings for your garden available. Go here and sign up right away to get the latest tips for growing your own goodies at home.

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Topsy Turvy Update Time

These are my 2 heirloom tomatoes. They just keep getting bigger and bigger. The yellow pear (right) has tons of little tomatoes on it but none of them have ripened yet. The Mr Stripey (left) is supposed to be a late bloomer, I think I might have saw the start of a flower this evening when I was sitting outside.

Here's the little bell pepper plant. I just picked 2 peppers off of it tonight and will be able to pick 3 more next week. I'm hoping that it just keeps producing. So far I've picked 4 peppers off of it and have 3 more on deck so it seems to be a good producer.
And here's the Topsy Turvy. The big piece hanging out to the side was growing straight up but I think it's had enough of fighting gravity. As of tonight there are several blooms for the cherry tomatoes and it seems to be growing pretty well. I'm still not 100% sold yet at least not until I get some tomatoes out of it. In case you haven't been following along every Sunday I've taken a picture of the 2 cherry tomato plants in my topsy turvy from the same spot to let you all see how this thing is progressing. The great news is it doesn't seem to need anymore water than the rest of my containers. If you don't have containers already you'll need to water alot more than if they were in the ground.

So how's your garden doing? I just received a Malabar Spinach plant last weekend from a seminar at the Flower and Garden Show at Disney so I'll be planting that tomorrow. I guess it's a very viney plant but hopefully it'll do good in the pot I have.

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Changes are Coming

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be making some changes around here today. Please let me know what you think of the changes. I'm hoping to make it a little prettier and add a few more chances to make a little extra money while bringing you all the great deals.

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Money Savings Challenge

Thanks to Precious over at Frugal Makes Cents I've been participating in her money saving challenge. It's really inspired me to move forward in my savings plans and we are well on our way to being able to get the things we need. I'm going to do a weekly recap of what we have done to help trim some money at the end of the week for the month to share what I've done and maybe you'll share your ideas and we can all save more.

1. We've been keeping the lights off for as long as possible and then trying to use the energy efficient ones when we have lights on. This does require some nagging on Dave to shut off the lights and following Shawn around though.

2. I've been trying to keep the TV off as much as possible as well. I enjoy listening to it when I'm doing housework or on the computer so I've been keeping the TV off and the stereo and cable box on.

3. Every night the TV and it's friends get turned off on the power strip as well as the power strip in the kitchen that has everything but the microwave on it. At least every other night we've turned off the computer as well.

4. I've been staying home, LOL. It saves lots of money if you don't go anywhere to spend it.

5. I've been making my own Mocha Latte's at home. I get to have my favorite coffee more often and I'm not paying $4 a cup.

6. We rented 2 Redbox movies on Monday (2 cards) for free.

7. I've been tending to my little container garden to try and get the best bang for my few bucks out of there.

8. I filed all my coupons this week so I can save the most money. I'll be pulling all coupons for any possible sales tonight. I am taking Shawn to the Kid's Clinic tomorrow at Home Depot and will stop at all my shopping trips while we are out.

9. I will be dumpster diving (kind of) tonight as well. I received a $10 off any purchase coupon to JCPenneys and I figure that my neighbors probably did too, so I'll be headed out to see if they threw them into the mail trash can a little later. I can get socks, underwear, shirts, and kitchen stuff for little to no money with these. It'll help get Shawn stocked for preschool and restock my gift boxes.

So what have you been doing to help shave a little off your budget? I can use any suggestions you have.

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I'm so excited to offer this to you!!!

PineCone Research is a great group to get into and usually so hard to find a link for. So go here and sign up if you haven't already. This is truly one of the best survey/tester sites I've ever participated in.

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Farmer's Market

I meant to take pictures of my purchases at the Farmer's Market last night but I completely forgot. We walked there and on the way home it started to rain so we were rushing to get home plus my goodies were getting heavy so we got home and I put everything away. Oh well here's what I got.

3 medium sized Zucchinis $1 (must be the end of the season here as they are getting harder to find at the farmer's markets)
1 5pk of Garlic $1
4 big peaches $1 (these smell so good)
1 medium basket of red potatoes $2
Half of a huge Watermelon $1 (you should see this mammoth it's huge) the guy was selling them whole for $3 and heard me say that it was just too big for my family of 3 but I was still thinking about it. He said that he'd cut one in half for me for $1.50 so I told him yes and then he knocked the .50 off my total when I paid.

I really enjoy helping out the local growers by visiting the Farmer's Markets in the area. I wish they were a little bigger (the huge one is quite a drive from here) but buying local saves me a little money and helps out people here. Do you have any great Farmer's Market finds? Last week we went to the one in Celebration and I bought some matted tickets (the old A-E tickets to disney world) for Dave for Father's Day for $25 ($5 each). I might have been able to get them cheaper online but these were in great condition and already in mats. So that was my great unique find and I know Dave loves them since we went back twice looking at them for about 15 minutes each time. LOL

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Wag's and Target

In sticking to my tighter belt spending I went to Walgreens and Target the other day. Here what my orders came out like.

Wag's 4 orders (2 different stores)
3 Bayer Contour Meters $10 -mq =FREE plus $10RR
3 Ecotrin 45ct $2 -mq =FREE plus $2 RR
3 Drinks $4.55 -2 ($2) RR

Total OOP on all trips .55 since there was no tax on the Meters or the Ecotrin they were pure profit. I will be going back tomorrow and/or Saturday to get more of both since I have lots of coupons left. I've found a home for all the meters so they aren't going to waste either.

2 Men's Degree 2.34 each -$1 mq & $1.50 tq
5 Bliss Bars .99 each -.99 tq
3 Cutter Spray clearanced $1.18 each -$2 mq (beeped but pushed through for overage)
Steak rolled with Spinach and Cheese 7.27 -$3tq (peelie)
Beef Round Steak 5.41 -$3tq (peelie)
2 1lb packs of Strawberries 2.49 each -$1tq

Total OOP 6.88

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Great Recipes and Coupons

Sign up here for some great recipes and coupons sent directly to your inbox!!

Click Here


Click Here

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Topsy Turvy Update

This would be my first handful of raspberries for the year. I wasn't sure about these plants when I got them but they are doing well and have lots more berries for the picking soon. Dave said they were a little to tart but I liked them.

Here is my bell pepper plant. You can see 2 of the peppers that are on there now, there's 2 more that you can't really see. Dave is happily waiting for them to ripen so he can have peppers on his brats.

And here's the topsy turvy. The plants seem to be getting bigger and I have several flower buds on it so hopefully we'll have some cherry tomatoes soon. I'll keep updating you so you can decide if you want to try it out for yourself.

Hopefully I will get back to my regular postings tomorrow. It seems there are just days where life piles up and just keeps getting in the way.

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Sign up for free samples and coupons. If this is the same program that I signed up for when I was pregnant with Shawn I got tons of free coupons to use on formula purchases.

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How did May go for you?

So how did your saving goals work for May? I was able too put money into savings for the car we need to buy but I would have liked to put away more. I did alright but not as good as I'd have liked. So this month I'll be adding a widget to the side to show all spending and then my coupon shopping.

Our goals for the next 6 months have changed so much in the past few weeks it's been mind boggling. With that said Dave and I are really going to need to crack down and save save save. We've set goals for ourselves that we've never attempted before, heck we've never saved enough to buy a car until the past 2 months. Well we've upped our expectations and will be working a little harder to get there. In order to help I'm going to publicly account for every penny this month. I feel that actually having to look at it and knowing that you all will see every penny spent (I might not blog about all the pennies but I will keep track on the sidebar) will help me to trim the unneeded. The other big help is that Shawn and I can't go to Disney until the middle of August, we have seasonal passes so we are blacked out. We don't usually spend much at Disney since I bring snacks but since we've had extra $$ coming in I've let myself splurge more often. No More Splurging for Me!!!!!

I will be working to justify every penny. Today June 1 we spent $35 at Walmart, this isn't the greatest start to my month but we needed the items. We purchased some decent quality workout shorts for Dave and some much needed undergarments for myself. The prices were pretty good and they were needed so I felt good about the purchase. I've decided that if I don't feel good about the purchase/transaction I will be returning the items (if possible) or blowing up that receipt so I have to see it everyday to remind myself of the stupider choices I make.

So wish me luck. My goal is to save as much as possible, I will also be tracking how much we put into savings this month to see what we can do if we try hard enough. We are starting with a savings balance of $1362 Come back later to see how that Topsy Turvy is going.

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