Eww these things are gross.  LOL  Of course that just means that little boys seem to love them. 

The people at MomSelect and the Hexbug people teamed up and sent me a fantastic kit to host a party for the HexBug Nano.  Straight out of the box one of my favorite things about these little buggers is that there are no moving pieces and so there’s no way to get dog hair stuck in it.

hexbbugs 003

Here’s Shawn and Daddy building a track and letting all the bugs loose.  We were given lots and lots of bugs and Shawn’s friends were able to take home a couple.


If you are interested in trying hexbug nano’s out for yourself they are available at Target, Walmart, and I’m sure all toy stores.  They are inexpensive and the kids seem to just love them.  If you have any let me know what you think.

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Precious said...

These are so cool! Thanks for posting about them!

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