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I swear I haven’t disappeared on you guys.  This past week has been an emotional week for me so I haven’t had the strength to blog (I appreciate those of you who’ve emailed me to see how I was).

The boy has a new set of homework which is taking alot more time and my computer we are getting the hang of it and I’ll be figuring out a new blogging time soon.  A classmate of mine from high school got life shattering news on Friday that her beautiful 5 yr old had an inoperable tumor on her brain stem and was told she had a very short time left with her family, unfortunately her time was even less and she passed away today.  Emotions have gotten the best of me since Friday and came to a head this morning.  I have learned from this to treasure every moment I have with my friends, family and most importantly with my son.

This new found insight has led me to a savings thought.  We are not a family of means but I will be doing everything in my power to save on the basics you know the things we don’t even notice so that we can afford to make memories.  Not every memory costs money but I want to be able to go to a race or a game every once in awhile and that means spending less on the basics.  Hubby and I are talking about what we can do and I’ll be sharing those with you coming soon.  All I ask for now is that you stick around, give me a chance to get my head right so I can share our savings with you and if you pray please include the Musto family in your thoughts.

Make sure you check back often I have 2 more giveaways in the works that will be coming soon!!  Thanks for your patience with me.

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