In like a lion

It’s time to organize and get on track with savings!!  Time to focus on what you are saving for and attack it like a lion.  It doesn’t matter if you are saving out of pure need or because there is something you want it’s time to write it down set a goal and start working on it.  We are saving for a few things and I’ve always found that if you set a number goal it’s so much easier to reach.  If you are saving purely because you can’t spend much then figure out what you can afford to spend a week and then set a goal to spend $10 less or $20 less by the end of the year you’ll have $520-$1040 put away!!  We are going over the budget this month, finding the little things and tightening the belt.

When you start thinking about where to shave some off the budget remember that it’s the little things that count.  Just like in a relationship the big dramatic actions are great  but it’s the daily little things that let you know things are good.  In your financial life a big cut is great but the little things are the lasting things that really add up so watch your pennies and they will stack up quickly.

So how are you guys attacking the month and your financial well being?

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