Quick trip to CVS

Not a whole lot for Extra Bucks from this trip but it was still good. The Colgate, Kleenex, Nail Polish, Spices and the Cranberry stuff was all BOGO Free. With coupon matchups the tissues .69 for 2 boxes and the toothpaste, nailpolish, and mascara were all free. I also got a gallon of milk and 2 candy bars they didn't make it to the picture. My goal with my CVSing is to get milk, bread, soda, and any essentials they sell for free which is why I buy tons of toothpaste when I already have 15 tubes of it. But buying the free toothpaste makes my milk free.

Spent $1.40
Saved $100.92
I broke even on Extra Bucks and ended up with $4.99 on a money card because of a mistake in ringing me up.

Totals so far
Spent $18.63
Saved $194.60

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