Today's quick Publix trip

There was nothing to great today but I had to get an ad from Publix so I did a small trip. Personally I do much better with a paper ad in my hand than I do online, but I forgot to buy the paper yesterday.

6 Beyer's Yogurt's w/ stir in m&m's .60 each -.50mq
20 Martha White muffin mixes .80 each -.55/2 mq and $5 off wyb 10 publixq
1 2L Pepsi 1.34
1 Amp 1.79

Spent $5.55
Savings $27.45

I could have done better but my hubby needed the soda now for a headache. The muffin mixes are great since they only require a 1/2 cup of milk to be added. Some of them will be donated to the food bank for holiday meals and the rest are going to be put into my stockpile.

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