An exciting development

At least I think it’s exciting.

033That my friends is the start of a baby pineapple growing inside my oldest pineapple plant.  You know how much it cost me????  Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch!!!  That’s right I grabbed this particular plant out of the trash at my grandparents hotel room when they were here a few years ago.  They had bought a pineapple to enjoy while visiting and were going to throw away the top but I happily took it did some research planted it and have been loving it and it’s friends for a few years now and voila a baby has been born.  Now lets see if I can get it to grow to an edible fruit.  LOL

Would you like to try and grow your own pineapple plant?  I can’t speak for different regions but in Central FL it’s pretty easy.

  1. 008 Buy a pineapple!
  2. 009 Twist the top off, don’t cut it off it just makes more work for yourself.  If don’t want to do step one find someone that has bought one or check farmer’s markets.  At a few of the nicer farmer’s markets the pineapple sellers have the machine that cores and peels the pineapples and they usually will give you the tops for free.
  3. 010 Peel off a few layers of leaves off the bottom until you see those brown nubs.  Those nubs are your roots.
  4. Stick it in some dirt.  Yup it’s that easy, I usually start them in a really small pot and keep them in the house until they are rooted and then transplant outdoors but the last two I just stuck outside in some pots.

Let me know how it works out for you.  Once you get a plant growing you can force them to fruit just swagbucks it and you’ll find out how.  I have been growing these because I like the way they look and they are very tropical but having the fruit coming in might encourage me to force my next few.

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