How does your garden grow?


One great way to save some money is to grow your own fruits and veggies.  Now you may not have the room to go crazy but you can grow a few things even in pots to help off set your grocery bills.  So you ask how does your garden grow well mine grows pretty good when I remember to water it, but being in central FL means my gardening season is almost done until mid August since it’s starting to get too hot. 

Contrary to what you’ve heard you can grow everything in pots you just have to water it alot and get a big enough pot.  So I thought I’d take some pictures to encourage you to get out there and garden.


This is a new addition this year, it’s a cherry tomato with lots and lots of baby tomatoes on it.  I can’t wait to have fresh salsa.






This is several strawberry plants growing crazy.  With this many plants I might actually get to eat a few of my strawberries instead of the boy stealing them all.  LOL







This pic has grapes on the far left, last year I bought this off the Walmart tried to kill it rack for a couple bucks and look it now.  In the middle is one sorry tiny little strawberry plant that has produced 2 berries this year and on the other end is another tomato plant.  The strawberry and tomato will likely be getting evicted soon as they aren’t producing and I can grow beans in the heat without problems.




This little pepper plant refuses to die, I bought it last year and didn’t bother to cover it through our multiple hard freezes through the winter since I didn’t think it would be coming back this year and it has lived to amaze me and has several small hot peppers on it.







This is the last pic for now.  I should be a mint farmer at the beginning of last year this was a small single mint plant that has attempted to take over the world or at least every pot it’s close to.  Behind the mint you can see a large pineapple plant that is the one that is fruiting for me!!!!

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Precious said...

It all looks wonderful!

Tiffany said...

Thanks so much Precious!

mrsblack said...

looking great!! way better than my garden LOL! darn rain.

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