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Have you heard of Endorse?  It’s a Facebook app that allows you to endorse products/stores that you currently shop at.  It’s very new and I have no first hand experience with it but I am very excited about the possibilities!  It appears you can get 10% or more depending on your followers.  The example they use is Lipton Green Tea say you buy it and 5 of your followers also love it and have purchased it everyone gets .82 (based on a price of $8.29) and since you are the first endorser you get an additional $8.29.  Now you know why I’m excited so if this sounds like something for you I ask that you click my links below to my favorite endorsements and share your favorites with me.

You can endorse Walmart, Starbucks, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Cheerios and many many more.  All you do is like your favorite brands, share with your friends and shop as usual.  Then drop your receipts into a prepaid mailer mail it in and start racking up the cash.  The more followers you have the more money you will make in bonuses.

So sign up and let’s all team up to help each other make some money!!!  If you’ve used this service please share your experiences with us.  You can get info about them here.

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