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Yesterday Shawn and I headed up to Sav-A-Lot.  I’m new to shopping at this store but they have some unbeatable prices on things I don’t have coupons for.  I spent just about $20 there and since my receipt has magically disappeared I can’t be too exact.  I did get:

    • Gallon of Milk  ~$2.29
    • Loaf of Sandwich Bread .99
    • Bag of store brand Tater tots  (my son loves these)
    • 5lbs of ground beef $1.99 per pound
    • 2 large sweet onions ~$2
    • Tortilla Chips ~$1.20
    • over 2 pounds of grapes .99/lb
    • Hamburger Helper .99

While I was up that way I stopped at Staples and picked up 2 reams of paper, 2 boxes of pencil top erasers, and a package of pens.  All of these are .01 after rebates and I used my 15% off coupon that I got in the mail free which I believe will make it a little money maker for me!  I also stopped into Michaels and picked up a few things to make earrings for an upcoming craft fair.

Today I headed to Target.  This is what I got for $17.xx, most of these items are for us but I am trying to overstock my stockpile for an upcoming yardsale.  This has always proved to be a good source of extra holiday spending money and is one way I contribute financially to the household.

    • 2 7th Generation Cleaning Products $2.99 each -$1 TQ and $1 MQ from 7/31RP
    • 4 Trial Size Cascades .97 each -$1 MQ from the 8/28 P&G (these were with the rest of the detergents not with the trial stuff at my store)
    • 1Mossimo Tank Top $5.60  -$5 TQ
    • 1 Mossimo Swim Trunks for DS  $2.48  -$5 TQ (no overage it adjusted down)
    • 1 Nabisco Snack Pack  $1.04 this is for later since we will be running as soon as DS gets home and this is cheaper than buying him a snack at Disney
    • Pepperoni $2.39 no coupon
    • 2 Market Pantry Pastas $1 each
    • 3 Market Pantry Sauces $1 each  I used 2 $1/2 TQ that were good on the sauce and pasta the one other sauce was too small for the coupon but I wanted the Alfredo and it was a decent price
    • 4 Pillsbury biscuits/pizza crust  $1.27 each  1 of them rang up free and I used 2 $1/2 MQ found online
    • 2 Single Serve Simply Lemonade .73  -$1 IPQ
    • 2 Nivea Bodywash  $3.99 each -$1 TQ and $2 mq from 7/31RP
    • 2 Bic Disposable Razors $4.49 each  -$2 TQ and $2 mq from 7/31SS
    • 2 Purina Cat Treats .99  -$1TQ and $1/2 mq from 6/26SS
    • 2 Star Wars Notebooks on clearance for $1.25 each
    • 2 Revlon Nailclippers $2.89 each  -$5 TQ from the inserts and $1mq in the 7/31 insert (I think)
    • 3 Delimex Roll things $4.89  One of them was free and I used $2 mq that were stuck to the front.  There is also a $2 TQ (good on the taquitos) and $1mq for liking them on facebook.

Also in other exciting news my crafting website is open for business at  Please don’t mind the dust (lol) I am still working on it and am new to this stuff.  I will soon be adding some holiday items under that heading but it’s currently empty.  Check it often as things will be added regularly!!  I’ll be back later or tomorrow with another post about savings!!

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Precious said...

Very nice shopping. I love Save-A-Lot. I tried to go to your carf site tonight and it showed it wasn't out there. I was disappointed.

Tiffany said...

Thanks Precious! I'll have to check the link to see why it's not working. It's hopefully it's working now thanks for trying to visit.

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