How we’ve been saving

Here are a few things we’ve been doing to save money.

  • We’ve been blessed with cooler weather so the A/C has been off since Saturday afternoon.  We have a few fans running but this should really help save on the electric bill.
  • A very good friend moved this weekend two weeks earlier then scheduled so we inherited a bunch of groceries.  With the addition of her stuff we have a very full freezer and fridge so we are eating from the stockpile to free up some space.
  • We had a yard sale this weekend with my friend.  I sold some stockpile type stuff and made a good chunk of money.  I could have made more if I had been in the stockpiling game this summer so I’m going to work at building a big beautiful stock for the next sale.  We used all the money earned to pay down some bills.
  • I’ve been driving as little as possible.  Dave has to go to work so we can’t shave much of his bill but I can stop going out as much.  I’ve been making only planned trips and maximizing my mileage by stopping at all the stores along the way.
  • Today I did two loads of laundry and used sample size detergents that I got for free.  I’ve noticed my sample boxes (old wipe containers) have been getting full so I’m on a quest to use them up.
  • I called and argued with the cable company today.  One of their techs came out on Friday and messed up the wiring that gave us spotty TV and no internet all weekend, they came yesterday and fixed it but I still felt we were owed something.  They are giving me a credit and “rebundling” my package to lower our bill.  Don’t be afraid to call and ask the worst they can say is no.
  • I worked on making some crayons today for my own trick or treaters and to get a head start on a few orders I’m hoping to get.  I posted about my Halloween special yesterday and I’m hoping that it makes me some money!!

So how have you been saving?  I plan on heading out to the grocery stores on Thursday so I will be clipping coupons and matching sales tonight and tomorrow to be prepared.  I’d love to hear what you are doing this week!!

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