Savings, it’s really the small stuff

When you are trying to trim your budget it really is the small stuff that you need to look at.  Those sodas or coffees at the gas station really add up but there is more you can do than just cutting out your morning caffeine fix.  Here are a few things we’ve been doing to save.

  • The weather has been cool so I’ve been keeping the A/C off and just running fans.  I read somewhere you could use lots of fans for a lot less than the cost of A/C unfortunately the humidity got the best of me last night and I had to turn on the A/C.
  • We’ve been keeping the lights off when possible. 
  • I grouped all my shopping trips together and went to Sav-A-Lot, Aldis, Micheals, and Kohls.  I’ve been finding that shopping at Aldi’s and Sav-A-Lot are really helping fill in the holes from the grocery sales.  Now to convince my Walmart to pricematch Sav-A-Lot so I can pick up a few things closer to home.
  • We managed to cut out all trips to grab a quick snack or a drink by making sure we planned out trips and packed accordingly.
  • I picked up tickets to two free events the apartment complex is hosting.  One for Shawn to paint a pumpkin which will save me the cost of at least one pumpkin this year and the other for an Adult Halloween party.  My mother in law will be here then so Dave and I can go out and have free drinks and snacks.
  • I made invitations for Shawn’s birthday party using cardstock I got free at Staples.  They cost me almost nothing and came out much better than the store bought ones.
  • For entertainment we’ve been using video games and watching TV since we pay for overpriced cable we might as well use it.
  • I’m also working on some homemade Christmas gifts that will save us money over buying gifts.

In addition to saving on the small stuff I’ve been working hard on my crafts to prepare for lots of shows/markets this fall.  I have a call in to someone about getting into another couple of markets.  I’ve sold some of my items from my Etsy store and my website at   If you get a moment I would love for you to check out my items and let me know what you think.  I also have some new items posted on Facebook and I believe the prices are very good for handmade work.  If you are looking to try and make some extra money figure out what you are good at and run with it.  From babysitting, to handyman work, painting, crafting, alterations there are lots of options out there. 

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Precious said...

Nice job with all of the savings.

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