Savings Challenge

Yesterday we didn’t do a whole lot so saving was pretty easy.

  • When we headed out I resisted the urge to get a coffee even though the hubby had stopped to get one.  I can’t blame him for needing one though he’s been working night shifts and we had to run in to see family in the morning just for him to drop me off at home and go back to work.
  • Other than gas yesterday the only real money spent was on Dave’s coffee which isn’t too bad
  • In order to save some money I had all the windows open all day and the A/C off at night we use window fans to keep it cool upstairs and when it’s to warm during the day I use fans downstairs.  I once read somewhere that you could use several fans and it wouldn’t cost as much as one hour of A/C
  • All the food we have eaten has come out of the freezer and pantry

Today I have to run to the store and pick up a few things so I won’t save nearly as much.  So how have you been saving?  I’d love to hear your ideas I think it can benefit all of us.

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