Well yesterday was not a banner day for savings but we didn’t really do to badly.

We attended the Lion King show and therefore had to pay for parking, a stuffed Simba for a spoiled little boy, a bottle of water and some nachos.  We were able to get our Disney discount on the Simba so that helped ease the sting a little the worst was the parking. 

The past few days have been busy but uneventful as far as savings/spending so I’ll spare you all the boring details.  Today the only spending was on my newspapers, I get one delivered every week through a great deal and I purchase usually 3 more every week unless the free paper is giving out coupons which it didn’t this week.  I will try and post later about we are doing to save money but there is no more spending today!!

In the past few days I’ve received a couple of items courtesy of MomSelect one is a great kid’s book I won will attending a webchat and the other is my Coppertone Water Moms welcome gift.  So be on the lookout for future posts about both and if you are a blogger check out MomSelect I love being a member!!

Oh one more thing don’t forget to enter the Curvy Straw giveaway there are just a few more hours left!!!

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