Madagascar Viewing Party!!

Being part of the Claritin Mom’s Crew I was invited to host a viewing party in anticipation of the newest Madagascar movie hitting theaters this Friday.

I was provided with Madagascar, Madagascar 2, popcorn boxes, lots of Children’s Claritin samples to hand out and some recipes for snacks.  We planned out a party and found Madagascar Kraft Mac & Cheese, animal shaped chicken nuggets, popcorn, penguin gummies and Jell-O.  The boys had a good time watching parts of the movies, they were very excited about the end of the school year coming soon and wanted to play.  We enjoyed a yummy lunch, some great snacks and the boys even settled long enough to watch most of the second movie. 





001While they watching I told the moms about Children Claritin and handed out samples for everyone and some stickers.  We broke out desserts and had a great time.

004 003 

I’d like to thank Claritin for making this fantastic little party a hit, the boys were all very excited about seeing the newest Madagascar and we are trying to plan a trip to the drive in with all of them.  I was provided with party supplies and movies from Claritin however all opinions are my own.  You can find coupons online here and lots of fun Madagascar activities on Claritin’s Facebook page.

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Lisa said...

How fun!!!

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