Time to step up those savings!!

With the kids home from school you have a great chance to save some money and if you are not careful a chance to spend way too much.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and talk about some of the ways to save and how to avoid those money pits that we all fall into.

So far I’ve found having Shawn home means we are going through more food he is constantly looking for a snack it seems so here’s my tips. 

  • By favorite cracker types in large boxes either on sale or at discount stores like Aldi’s.  I’ve found that Shawn isn’t nearly as fussy as I am when it comes to exact tastes and buying big boxes is 100x cheaper then snack packs
  • Another snack saver Jell-O it’s really cheap and easy to make.  Pick up a pack of small glad containers and make individual servings of Jell-O up once or twice a week.  I’ve found that a standard size box of Jell-O makes 6 of those cups.
  • Freeze juice pops, yogurt (small serving sizes with a mini popsicle sticks in them are great), and fruits to make a fantastic cool treat for those hot days.
  • If you have a dehydrator you can buy whatever fruits are on sale and make snacks that store well.

I’d love to hear any other summer snack suggestions you can think of.  Next time I’ll be talking about how to avoid the boredom blues without breaking the bank.  Feel free to email me any suggestions.

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