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Well Shawn’s birthday has come and gone and was a success.  He was very surprised by his new video game (that I payed very little for through Amazon thanks to Swagbucks) and had a great day.

I think life is settling down a bit well as settled as it can be given the fact that the holidays are quickly approaching which means lots of cooking, cleaning, baking, decorating and crafting both for gifts and for selling through my business.  I can’t share all of my homemade gifts with you as I do have a few family members who read my blog so I’m looking for a few of you to do a guest post for me highlighting a gift you are making for your family or friends.  I’m especially interested in gifts for boys or men but will happily take ideas for anyone.  If you are interested in a guest post please email me at bellemitchell702 @ with Guest Post in the subject line and let me know what you might like to write about.

For now I’m going to link to a few posts from last year with some homemade gifts that I’ve made and had great success with.  I’m also looking for some input from you guys, I’d love to know what kind of deals and gifts you are looking for this holiday season.  I’ll be posting some of best deals that I find but I’m sure there are plenty I overlook (like girl gifts since I buy for all boys) so let me know what you are looking for in the comments below and I’ll keep an eye out and post them for you.

One of the easiest ways to get updates from me is on Facebook provided you use it, but thanks to Facebook’s recent changes requiring me to pay to promote my posts you’ll need to occasionally like posts from me or set up a list with your favorite blogs so that you see all the posts.  Alright here’s a few posts with homemade gift ideas, I hope you enjoy!!

Homemade Snuggie for Kids

A Crafty Useful Gift

Knit Washcloths  Really cute wrapped up with a bow

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