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So I had a reader email me asking if I was still going to do a series of homemade Christmas gifts.  I thought of course and went to send her the link to the one I’d already posted just to realize that I never posted it.  I swear I thought I had, somedays I wonder where my head is.  So without further ado:

This time of year is great to stock up on extra “back to school” supplies.  When you take the back to school out of it you end up with some really great art supplies.

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So grab a box, a backpack, a reusable bag, or a tupperware tote and load it up.  There have been so many great deals on all of these things that it’ll be a nice cheap gift.  If you play the Staples game properly you could have lots of goodies for free after rebates.  This box has folders, markers, crayons, sticky notes, pencils, pens and paper plus a few other goodies.  Do you know any kids that would like this box under the Christmas tree??  If so put together something now and stick it in the closet with their name on it.

Check back often for my next Christmas gift post.

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