In a funk

Have you ever just been in a funk? Well I have been lately it's because I seem to become a master of spreading myself to thin and being no good anywhere. I took on a new responsibility this past summer at the same time that we signed my son up for baseball. I went from being home almost all the time to seemingly never being home and constantly playing catch up. Everything suffered from my business to my housekeeping so this year I've pledged to focus on what's important and making the best use of my time.

I will be keeping my new gig as long as they'll have me because it makes me feel productive and useful. There's something I've missed as a stay at home mom and this is helping that. However I'm not going to continue to devote so much of my time to it, I've worked hard to develop a well oiled machine and have spent the past month working on ways to simplify my job so it should no longer take so much of my time.

My son is once again signed up for little league. Instead of playing games on my phone during practices I will be taking yarn or simple beading projects with me to work on. Using that idle time to create pieces for me to sell in my business will be much more useful than playing candy crush.

I've also done something that is very unlike me and asked for help around the house. We are currently working on de cluttering and simplifying life at home, that should help me save time and money and stress. Everyone will have responsibilities around the house and will be held to those keeping things clean and tidy will help us to stay home more often and resist the urge to go out to get away from the mess.

So this year is a clean slate for my family. We are refocusing on what's important, this blog is important to my family blogging keeps me looking for deals and helps me to stay accountable for my shopping. It also allows me to run fabulous giveaways, test products and generate a small amount of income from my amazon and links. Today we are working some more on catching up, I find when everyone helps it's not as bad as the one woman show that usually works around here. I can't wait till everything is done!! What are you doing to kick start your year?

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