Time to Print those Holiday Photos!!

It’s time to print your Holiday Photos and any other ones you might need to print off.  Go to Walgreens.com and start uploading, they are currently offering 9 cent photos as long as you buy 50 or more.  You have until 1/2/10 to order all your photos so get going. 

This fits in really well to my frugal budget as this is about as cheap as I will find them.  I plan on printing as many as I can this week and hopefully I can find a nice deal at Wag’s with RR’s and pay for the photos with them.

Check back next week I’m going to start to tackle my New Year’s goals and keeping my money in my account and not anyone else’s.  What are your goals?  I’m going to try and get a budget in writing and pick an amount that we’ll spend every month and once that money is gone it’s gone.  We’ll see how it goes.  LOL

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