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So I’ve finally started to get serious again about my savings goals.  I don’t really have any number goals which makes this all very difficult it’s one of those times were I just went want to save as much as physically possible.  As you guys know we are trying to find a house to buy without a house picked I don’t know what the closing costs are going to be and what may need to be done to the house to get it ready to live in.  So I’m setting up 3 different goals

  1. Someone (who will remain nameless) cracked the screen on my beloved camera, it still works but with the humidity in Florida I don’t know how long it will hold out.  So it needs to be replaced and I don’t really want to spend any money on it.  I’ve been considering taking photos semi professionally and having a working camera is a big part of that.  The camera I want is $399 on Amazon.  So here’s the plan:
    • All loose change will go into the Bud Racing bottle which is already full.  Coinstar will change it into an Amazon giftcard for no fee.
    • Swagbucks, MyPoints, Opinion Outpost, and RewardPort all cash out with Amazon Giftcards and they will all be put towards my camera.
    • If I start a photography venture with the old camera all profits will also go towards the new camera
  2. Goal 2 is to have some money to cover the actual moving expenses and basics like paint, doorknobs, etc when we move.  Again I don’t want this to be money I even notice saving.  The plan for that is really simple on Thursdays I take out a certain amount of money for groceries, gas, etc so instead of saving the extra and going out to dinner or something any extra money will into my adorable house bank and will get deposited once a month in a special account.
  3. The third goal and the biggest is to grow the amount we have saved for closing costs and any larger things that need to be done.  This one might actually take a bit more creative thinking but so far I’ve decided that the debit card (aka the demon easy spender) is coming out of my wallet.  So is the Paypal card with the exception of one tank of gas a week.  I sell stuff on ebay and with my profits I pay for my gas but the rest will be left alone until the end of the month when I’ll transfer the profits to the savings account.
We’ll see how it goes but I have no doubt that I’ll have  2 very helpful savings account and be half way to a new camera by the end of May, now if only we could find a house to spend this money on already.

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coupon challenged said...

Some good ideas. I am fine tuning our budget because we have some new expenses with our daughter going into nursing school in the fall. The books alone are thousands. UUGGHH!

Tiffany said...

Thanks CC. I really need to fine tune alot of my ideas but it's a start. I'll be going over all our spending again soon too. We've been doing to much spending and that's got to stop and without the debit card it will. Cash is so hard to let go of.

I hope you find some extra for the nursing books. Be sure to check online I know I've heard of people selling used books for much cheaper.

Precious said...

Hi Tiffany,

I wish you the best of luck with your plans and goals. The # step you have accomplished- having a plan is terrific. I always feel witout a plan, you don't know where you are going. :-)

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