It’s been awhile

since I preached about Swagbucks but sitting on the couch playing Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics on the Wii tonight got me thinking about it again.  I bought this great game on Amazon a few days ago when it was on sale for about $20 and using my Swagbucks giftcards it cost me absolutely nothing.  It just so happened that I ordered on the last day of my free Amazon Prime Trial so shipping was free too.  I tell you if I could ever monetize this blog better I’d get the Prime in a heartbeat free 2 day shipping just can’t be beat.

So anyways if you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks what’s holding you up?  Feel free to ask me any questions you have about it.  I’ve been a member for quite some time and love the program.  On top of earning free giftcards you can also earn FREE money just for searching the internet, which is probably something you do anyways.

If you are interested in finally signing up click on Swagbucks and get yourself ready to earn free stuff.

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