Some deals at Walgreen’s today

There are a few good deals to be had at Walgreen’s, I’m going to post the best of the best.  Let me know if you find anything!!

  • Gum Flossers  $2 and receive $2RR
  • Right Guard Total Defense 5 is BOGO and there’s a BOGO coupon in today’s paper
  • Cottonelle 12pks $5  -$1 Wag’s Coupon in May book  -.50 printable coupon  =$3.50 or .29 a roll
    • But the deal gets better Buy 2 of these and get a $3 RR buy 3 and get a $4 RR
      • But don’t buy them three at a time buy them 2 at a time buying 2 = .17 a  roll buying 3 = .18 a roll assuming you can print 3 of the .50 coupons which are limited to 2 prints per computer

So head out to Wag’s and pick up the best deals early before they are all out of stock.  And before you tell me a penny a roll isn’t that much remember we are here trying to save our pennies for the big picture.

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Precious said...

Nice deals!

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