It Costs What??

Lately I’ve been thinking about the costs of things in life.  The cost of my groceries, electric, driving, blogging or lately the lack of blogging these all have been running through my head.  See we live awfully close to paycheck to paycheck and everything has gone up lately with the huge exception of the paycheck.  So how do I fix my cost problems?

  1. I’ve decided this craptastic economy isn’t one to start living off my stockpile in.  I plan on making sure we have plenty of food and keep everything rotated but I do need to stock up at the best prices and will keep up with it.
  2. My electric bill well we are making an effort to keep things off as much as possible.  If Mother Nature would just cooperate and stop giving us the warmest start to fall I could turn off the A/C.
  3. We have cut way back on driving lately and will continue to plan our trips out so that we make the best use of gas.
  4. This blog.  I love you guys and love sharing my shopping trips, when I’m overwhelmed I neglect the blog and then I neglect the sales which hits me square in the wallet.  So no more, I’m making the commitment to blog once a week at least about what we’ve done to save money.  This will keep me more accountable and hopefully keep money in my wallet.

In addition to dealing with these costs I’ve been working with a dear friend to set up an online store to sell my crafts and handmade goods.  I will be offering discounts to readers every once in awhile and offer custom work all the time.  I would love if you would like my store on facebook Tiffany Mitchell Designs and share it with your friends and family.  I will post the web address once we get the store up and running so you can check it out. 

So how are you handling the costs of everything?  I’d love to hear your ideas and tricks!

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Precious said...

It's so easy to feel overwhelmed. We all do at times. Just dont' be so hard on yourself. We will be here when you post. :-)

Me, I am just trying to save on everything I can and think even harder about the things I do every day.

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