How We’ve Saved/Earned

These are the things we did this week to save some money

  • My hubby bought me a kindle for Christmas and I love it.  So I finally registered it with my local library and borrowed one book for me and one for Shawn to read.   I also placed a hold on a few books I’m interested in reading.  It’s my goal to spend as little money as possible on reading materials for the Kindle and thanks to the library and all the free books offered on Amazon I should be good for awhile.
  • I’ve been staying home as much as possible and planning my few trips out really well to save gas.
  • We’ve kept the lights off during the day with the exception of the stove light which is an energy saving bulb as I need it when I pour crayons.
  • The A/C and the heat have been off all week, we usually have a fan or two running in the evening to cool off the bedrooms but we are really racking up the savings this month on electric (someone remind me of this when I’m suffering billshock in July lol)
  • I spent an hour or so organizing my coupons this week so that I can get the best use out of them.  I pulled out all the coupons that are expiring soon that I want to use and all the coupons I found that I knew would get me free or near free products.  Sometimes it’s easy to overlook coupons like the Nabisco $3 off 3 because it doesn’t match to a sale but will still get me some free snacks.
  • I’ve used Swagbucks for all my searches and am earning as many bucks as I can, free Amazon giftcards will help pay for gifts, k-cups, and books for my Kindle.
  • I’ve done most of my shopping in just a few trips so that I save gas. 
  • We are using lots of items out of the pantry to save grocery money.  I’m trying to put aside some of our extra for the next time Zaycon comes to town and I need to clean and organize the pantry so I’m trying to use up as much as possible to make it easier to organize LOL

And this is what we’ve been doing to earn

  • I’ve been clicking on all my paid emails.  Nothing like earning money for just clicking links.
  • I’ve also been using SuperPoints everyday.  Even when I don’t really want to sit and click on the Super Lucky  Button I let Shawn sit and do it.  He loves using the computer and is so happy when he wins some points, I’m well on my way to getting my free giftcard.  If your interested click the link above for an invite and then start inviting your friends once you get a few friends signed up the points start adding up really quickly!  If you’ve signed up make sure you update your profile so that you get to basic status (at least) so you get more chances at points!!!
  • I filled out a rebate for something we bought this week and sent it in immediately.  If I don’t do them right away I’ll forget and risk it expiring.

That’s about it for this week.  It wasn’t overly exciting but it works for us, please feel free to let me know what you are doing.  I love hearing everyone’s ideas!!

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Allison said...

I had no idea about the SuperLucky button--thanks for that tip! I've been getting my daily points from Superpoints, but haven't done much else. Thank you!

Maria said...

Great week of savings. Also, so sorry about the week you have had.

I just wanted to share with you that I have started a weekly link up on How I Saved/Earned Money This Week. It will be posted every Friday. I hope you will join in.

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