It’s Freebie Friday

As promised I’m back with a freebie Friday post.  I’ll be posting links for you to request free samples or coupons from every Friday.  Some of these samples also come with great coupons so I strongly suggest you fill out the forms.  I don’t request all the samples I post so I can’t verify that they all come or that they all work out, please leave a comment if you find one that doesn’t.  Also I recommend that you sign up for a freebie email address to save your personal email from being over junked, gmail and yahoo offer great services for free that’s what I use for all my sample requests. 

Meow Mix Pates Toppers and a Coupon

Gas-X Thin Strips

White’s Premium Dog Food

Marietta Max Drain Cleaner (full size sample)

BiPro Whey Protein Sample

Dove Leave In Smoothing Cream

Carefree Liners

Beech-Nut Toddler Kit

Find Your Bliss Samples

Hills Bros Cappuccino (Facebook offer)

This last one is a Kindle book.  If you don’t have a Kindle you can still download the books to your computer for free using the free programs available here.

I Used to Know that: stuff you forgot from school

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