Turkey Overload!!

So if you went out and picked up a couple turkeys at Walmart for .40/lb you may be wondering what to do with them now. If you didn’t go out you should go and ask when they will be getting more of the cheap turkeys in.  I bought 4 (2 different days) and I may want to go back for 2 more.

I thought I’d share with you some easy ways to cook and get the most out of your turkeys.  Yesterday I tackled turkey round 1 so I’ll share my tips with you.

I’ve had 2 of the birds in my fridge for a few days and they were finally thawed out so I took and cleaned them out and stuck them in the oven.  This is a must buy a box of reynolds cooking bags in turkey size I don’t care if they aren’t on sale you need them they make a great easy turkey.  Cooking 2 of them together took no longer than 1 and it only heated my house up once.  We had turkey meat and gravy for dinner last night and it was yummy!!!

I waited until the birds were nice and cool and got my hands dirty.  This is the part were if you are like me you just have got to suck it up and deal with the yuck.  I got almost every ounce of meat off the birds and bagged it in about 3 cup portions.  This is enough for most of the recipes I make and I put 8 of those bags in the freezer.

Today I took 3 of the bags of meat that I put in the fridge and made Hot Chicken Salad.  I cooked up a triple batch of rice and chopped the onions and celery x3 and mixed it all up.  Then I put 2 portions in the freezer and cooked up one for dinner tonight.

Tonight I am taking the carcasses and boiling them for a while.  I’ll be adding some of the leftover celery and onion and some carrots and 2 more bags of meat from the fridge and I’ll freeze that in single servings for lunches or dinners.  I plan on adding the noodles when the soup is thawed so that they don’t get mushy.

I’m guessing that those 2 turkeys will provide my family of 3 with almost 17 meals all for $12 for the meat.  I used things out of my pantry and spent maybe another $6 so each meal would work out to just over $1 for three of us.  You can’t do much better than that with decent portions of meat in everything.

Please feel free to share your ideas for Turkey, I might need more recipes if I decide to get more birds to go with the 2 waiting for their holiday premier with all the fixings.

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Precious said...

Hi Tiffany,

Great job on both your turkey hunt and making the meals. We love homemade turkey soup which I am making today. But I don't use noodles. I use rice, carrots, celery, onions, corn kernels, turkey chunks, spices and broth. The rice even freezes well in the soup.

Also, one of our favorites is take a casserole dish and layer stuffing and sliced turkey and pour turkey gravy over the top. Bake in the oven at 350 until it is hot.

Tiffany said...

Those sound great thanks for sharing your recipes.

Lynn said...

Hey Tiffany!
Great job on the turkeys. Here are a couple ideas for you. Turkey ala King, Turkey Tetrazzini and turkey pot pie.

Crazy coincidence....after reading your blog for several months, I realized that you live in the same area that our FL house is in and I "think" the same apartment area that our DD lives. Small world huh?

Tiffany said...

That is funny!!! Tell your daughter to come out and say Hi next Wednesday I'll be at the farmer's market with my 31 products. We are in a very popular area for rental houses.

Thanks for the ideas!! And let me know when you come down I can help you with some Publix coupons.

Lynn said...

Will be down next week to get the house emptied to rent. Maybe I'll come by the farmers market on Wednesday since we are staying with dd. :-)

SonyaAnn said...

That's great that you will get that many dinner for so cheap.
Thank you for stopping by my "new" blog and being so supportive. It really helped.

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