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I’m going to be writing a piece about saving at Walmart but I thought I should start with the different types of savers that I know of.  Don’t worry if you haven’t made it to queen/king status yet if you keep at it you’ll be a queen saver before you know

The coupon queen is the big saver, she’s the friend you turn to when you need coupon help.  She also has the best garage sales selling stash stuff and probably donates lots and lots of stuff to food banks and shelters.  This is the way to save the most money but you need to be willing to devote a little effort to save.

  • This involves collecting coupons and treating them like money (since they are).  You also check all the sales, stockpile when you find rock bottom prices and almost never pay full price for anything.
  • If this is what you want to be keep reading you’ll learn more ways to save then you ever thought possible.  If you are already a coupon queen start commenting more I have lots of coupon newbies reading that could use your experience.

A coupon princess is someone who wants to save and is aspiring to be the queen.  She is focusing on her grocery bill and trying to save as much as she can on that bill.

  • If you are at this step you are clipping coupons for items you use and trying to save at the grocery store.  You think the queen is a little crazy but you secretly want to be just like her after all she just left paying pennies on the dollar and said something about never paying for toothpaste.

The lady in waiting wants to save but to be honest she doesn’t have the desire to really save.  She sits by and listens to tales from the queen and princess with jealousy for their savings but is convinced she is doing everything she can.  A lady in waiting thinks that just because she shops at Walmart she is saving the most money.

  • If you are a lady in waiting and really want to better your position in the royal coupon castle stick around.  I’m going to be addressing your Walmart beliefs later today. 
  • I know lots of ladies that seem to think it’s just to much work to become higher royalty and if you are one of them please reconsider.  Couponing doesn’t really take that much time at all especially considering what you can save.

Then there are the court jesters.  They complain about prices and say they wish they could save money but don’t plan on making any effort to do so.  Jesters want for everything but don’t want to do anything to make it happen.  If you are a Jester I’m guessing you mistyped something to end up here.  Jesters would be wise to remember though that anything in life worth having is worth working for.  Saving money now will help give you more to spend later in life or to pay for the things that are really important now.

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Precious said...

Hmm, I love your analogy! I wonder what I am?

Tiffany said...

You Precious are a frugal queen much like the Queen of England. She's the head queen the queen of queens. I'm a coupon queen in my mind but you are what I want to be.

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