Back to School Shopping

Today I headed up to Staples and Target for some back to school deals.

Target has construction paper on sale for $1 per package.  This is a fantastic deal and is great to buy a couple extras for gifts.  They also had tape on sale for .50 and I picked up 2 packages of pens for .02 each after the TQ.  Shawn’s school requires glue sticks and this week the 6pks are on sale for .80 each so I picked up 2 of those and 2 sets of watercolor paints for $1 each.  The paints will be added to the gift stock.

Staples has a bunch of great sales right now including free after rebate highlighters and reams of copy paper for $1 after rebate.  Their rebates are super simple to do online and they come pretty quickly so I picked up my limits on those as well as 2 pencil boxes for .50 each, 2 small clipboards for .50 each (for crafting), as well as a few other items on the .50 list.  I also price matched Crayola crayons to Office Depot’s ad and picked up 5 for .25 each.  That will save me driving out of my way to go to Office Depot this week however if I find myself out by office depot I will stop in and pick up more crayons (and maybe a couple extra ads for price matching).  It’s my firm belief that you can never have too many crayons especially since I repurpose crayons for my crafting business.

So make sure you head out and pick up the best deals.  Even if you don’t have young ones in school these are some pretty great deals on things you probably use anyways or that you can put together to give as a gift.

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Precious said...

You did great. We don't have a Staples and I so miss it.

Tiffany said...

Thanks!! I don't know what I would do without Staples that is where we get probably half of Shawn's supplies for school and I love all the copy paper deals.

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