Robbing Peter to pay Paul

It’s that time of year again when I have to start restocking the school supplies for Shawn and it’s time to buy him new uniforms for school. BLAH!!  I absolutely love Shawn’s school and I truly believe that this school is the best fit for him what I don’t love is their uniform policy.  I have nothing against uniforms but his school requires you buy very specific clothes that are only sold by one company, no competition means we pay through the nose for the uniforms.  The tops and bottoms are both embroidered just to make sure you don’t go buy the better quality cheaper uniform bottoms some where else.  LOL

Thankfully this year we don’t have to buy everything like we did last year.  We will have to buy a couple pairs of pants but are waiting for it to get colder to make sure they fit in length.  He should be fine with shorts but we do need to get him some new shirts his are faded and well crappy looking.  Of course he also needs a new lunch box and backpack and the never ending supply list (which is surprisingly shorter this year) so I need to “find” the money to pay for it all.

The good news is I found that money it’s in my freezer and pantry.  Precious over at FrugalMakesCents got me thinking about it, she’s going to be living off her stockpile to free up freezer space for the holidays.  That sounded like a great idea, my freezer needs to be defrosted badly so I figured why not try.  I won’t be able to spend as little as she is doing because I don’t have a large enough supply of meat in the freezer.  So for my version we will be purchasing fruits, veggies, milk, peanut butter and bread as normal since this are my regular needs.  We have some meats in the freezer and will be using those and only buying meat when I can get it for less then $2 a pound.  To help keep my pantry from becoming bare (which would give me a heart attack) I will continue to purchase the best deals each week as long as the item prices are less then .50-$1.

I won’t be trying to grow my health and beauty stockpile right now so unless it’s free and I’m going to that store anyways I won’t be picking it up.  I will however probably be making several trips to Target and Staples for their great back to school sales.  Going to those stores will take me past several Walgreen’s and a CVS so if it’s free I’ll be happy to pick it up but I’m looking to spend nearly nothing.  I’m also going to start posting all my purchases maybe even some pics so you all can help me stay accountable.

So are you robbing Peter to pay Paul this summer?  Feel free to share your tips!

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Precious said...

Thanks so much for the shoutout.

I love your plan! WE can keep each other accountable. said...

I have a few ideas about saving and not robbing poor Peter! I post places you can get deals everywhere and just plain old ways to do it with coupons and with out.

Saving Your Green

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