A Trip to Target

Following my previous post that I wasn’t going to spend anymore money on stuff and start saving that money for the other expenses we headed to Target.  This isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do when you are looking to save money but we needed to start the back to school shopping.  So we headed out and got a few deals.

I managed to pick up 2 pairs of jeans one for $2 that will be crafted into something new and one pair for $4 for Shawn that he will hopefully fit into when it starts to cool down.  I also picked up 2 pks of Colgate Max that had toothbrushes attached they are on sale for $2.99 and I used $1 TQ and a .75 mq.  I don’t generally like paying for toothpaste but for about .60 each hubby and I both prefer this toothpaste and these toothbrushes so it worked out ok and under my limit.  I also picked up a Suave Shampoo and a Conditioner in a scent that I absolutely love after the TQ they were .09 each so when I go back tomorrow I’ll be picking up 2 more I can justify this cost.  We also picked up 2 large bottles of hydrogen peroxide for free using the Target First Aid coupon! 

Now we move on to the school supplies.  There have been a few deals on backpacks/lunchboxes going on but I am really picky about what we buy.  Last year I broke the bank and spent $24 on Funtainers we got a bowl sized one and a thermos sized one well that was about the best money I spent and we are using the same ones again for next year however you have to consider their size when buying a lunchbox which means no buying them online.  Toys R Us currently has a promo where you can get a free lunchbox with the purchase of a backpack which is a great deal but we didn’t take advantage of it because the closest store is just too far away.  DS picked out a Cars2 backpack for $9 and after plenty of inspection we settled on a lunchbox that also cost $9!  I can’t believe I paid as much for it as I did the backpack but it will fit the containers and leave a bit of room for any other food and I feel that it will stand up to the test of time.

We also picked up 2 pks of Sharpies that were on sale for $1 and there for free with the TQ, 2 pks of tape that were also free with TQ/MQ and 2 packs of pens that were $1 and free after TQ.  While I was there I ordered 40 photos (on sale 10/$1) and will be going back tomorrow to pick them up and use 2 TQ to make them free as well.  While I’m there I’ll be using a few more coupons to take home some more freebies.

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Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous aggregated resource for these templates. Many thanks for the post!

silkypup said...

great trip Tiff!!!

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