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I know with the heat outside not many of us think Christmas and the cold of winter is ever going to come but it is never to early to start your Christmas/Birthday Shopping!!  The cheapest way to give great gifts is to plan plan plan if you aren’t shopping at the last minute you are alot better off.

With all the school supply sales starting up this is the perfect time to start your shopping.  I love giving the gift of art supplies most kids devour these and who doesn’t love crayons.  This is the time of year to start picking up all the really really cheap items and the freebies this week I got Sharpies and pens for free.  Next week I’m headed to Staples to pick up some more great finds.  Then after the school year starts you’ll find backpacks on clearance so you can pick up a couple of those or just pick up a cheap rubbermaid type storage container and fill it with all your great cheap/free finds for a fantastic gift for the kids in your life. 

This year I plan on putting together a giftbag for my son and then hopefully putting together several small art kits for any birthdays that pop up on us.  I love having extra gifts around for friend's birthdays and art kits are gender neutral and never go out of style.

You could even make something like this and spend a whole lot less then the $45 price tag on this site.   Think of the hours of fun a gift like this could bring.

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Precious said...

Very cute idea.

Tiffany said...

Thanks this is one of my favorite gifts and I love buying all the cheap supplies

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