A Nice Trip to Publix

I had a great trip to Publix today.  We didn’t really need for much but I wanted to get a jump on snacks and juice since we seem to go through so much lately.  Unfortunately I’m not completely sticking to my .50 rule but I still think I am doing great.  I ventured out to Sav A Lot the other day and was able to buy the bulk of my grocery list for $25 which included 3lb of pork and 3lb of hamburger.  So anyways back to today:


  • 2 boxes of Aunt Jemima Pancakes on BOGO for $2.69  used a $1 off coupon from the Facebook promo
  • 4 jars Peanut Butter on BOGO for $2.95 used 4 $1 mq from 7/31 SS and 2 .75 TQ from today’s paper
  • 2 Bottles of Vitamin D $2.99 each  used a $6/2 PQ and 2 $1 mq from today’s paper for a profit!!
  • 2 Children’s Advil $5.99 each  used $5./2 PQ and $5/2 printed coupon from the Advil site
  • 4 bottles of Blueberry Ocean Spray on BOGO for $3.99  used 4 .55 mq’s from 5/15 RP
  • 1 Pantene Shampoo  FREE with coupon from Facebook awhile ago
  • 1 Herbal Essence Shampoo  FREE with coupon from Facebook awhile ago
  • 4 boxes of Nabisco snack packs on BOGO for $5.99 used a B3G1 Free TQ
  • 1 Sunny D $3.99  with no coupon I forgot I needed it

I used a $10 off $50 Sweetbay coupon and paid $9.16 for everything and according to my receipt I saved $85!!  I also picked up a raincheck for 10pks of Crayola crayons at .33 each they are a bit cheaper at a Walmart about 15 miles up the road (unless they changed the price) but at my store they are currently .40  I use these for my crafts and Shawn uses tons of crayons so I was glad to get a raincheck for at least a few.

My analysis:  If you break it down to item price I only spent .43 per item so I did actually come in below my limit.  The snack packs are great for Shawn’s lunch box once school starts they aren’t needed but are nice to have.  The pancakes will give us some easy meals as we make the transition from summer to getting up at 6:30.  Because we have funtainers for his lunchbox I can buy bottled juice at a much lower unit price then juiceboxes so I am getting a jump start.  The advil is one of the few meds we use and well we go through peanut butter like water (I’m disappointed I didn’t have more coupons).

So how did you do at the grocery this week??  I’d love hear how you did.

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Precious said...

Nice shopping! I have quit sticking to any rules. With inflation rampant, I am stockpiling at as a low a price as I can get at the moment.

Tiffany said...

Thanks and you are right it seems to be getting harder and harder to get a deal. I'm stocking up when I can and worrying about defrosting my freezer later.

RationaLife said...

Great post! Keep it up. Money saving tips are valuable in a world such as ours.

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