Print Your Coupons

It’s that time of month again it’s time to print out those great coupons before they are gone.  Head over to and print out any coupons you may want to use as they will be either resetting or disappearing at the end of the month!  There’s lots of good coupons out there so print now.

I do receive a few cents from every coupon you print and I thank you for printing through my link!  It helps me save for our goals!

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Great Time to Pick up a few gifts

It's never to early to think about birthdays and the holidays!! Check out this great deal at Amazon today!!! Buy 1 Get 1 40% off

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Back to School Shopping

Today I headed up to Staples and Target for some back to school deals.

Target has construction paper on sale for $1 per package.  This is a fantastic deal and is great to buy a couple extras for gifts.  They also had tape on sale for .50 and I picked up 2 packages of pens for .02 each after the TQ.  Shawn’s school requires glue sticks and this week the 6pks are on sale for .80 each so I picked up 2 of those and 2 sets of watercolor paints for $1 each.  The paints will be added to the gift stock.

Staples has a bunch of great sales right now including free after rebate highlighters and reams of copy paper for $1 after rebate.  Their rebates are super simple to do online and they come pretty quickly so I picked up my limits on those as well as 2 pencil boxes for .50 each, 2 small clipboards for .50 each (for crafting), as well as a few other items on the .50 list.  I also price matched Crayola crayons to Office Depot’s ad and picked up 5 for .25 each.  That will save me driving out of my way to go to Office Depot this week however if I find myself out by office depot I will stop in and pick up more crayons (and maybe a couple extra ads for price matching).  It’s my firm belief that you can never have too many crayons especially since I repurpose crayons for my crafting business.

So make sure you head out and pick up the best deals.  Even if you don’t have young ones in school these are some pretty great deals on things you probably use anyways or that you can put together to give as a gift.

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Frugal Gifts

I know with the heat outside not many of us think Christmas and the cold of winter is ever going to come but it is never to early to start your Christmas/Birthday Shopping!!  The cheapest way to give great gifts is to plan plan plan if you aren’t shopping at the last minute you are alot better off.

With all the school supply sales starting up this is the perfect time to start your shopping.  I love giving the gift of art supplies most kids devour these and who doesn’t love crayons.  This is the time of year to start picking up all the really really cheap items and the freebies this week I got Sharpies and pens for free.  Next week I’m headed to Staples to pick up some more great finds.  Then after the school year starts you’ll find backpacks on clearance so you can pick up a couple of those or just pick up a cheap rubbermaid type storage container and fill it with all your great cheap/free finds for a fantastic gift for the kids in your life. 

This year I plan on putting together a giftbag for my son and then hopefully putting together several small art kits for any birthdays that pop up on us.  I love having extra gifts around for friend's birthdays and art kits are gender neutral and never go out of style.

You could even make something like this and spend a whole lot less then the $45 price tag on this site.   Think of the hours of fun a gift like this could bring.

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A Trip to Target

Following my previous post that I wasn’t going to spend anymore money on stuff and start saving that money for the other expenses we headed to Target.  This isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do when you are looking to save money but we needed to start the back to school shopping.  So we headed out and got a few deals.

I managed to pick up 2 pairs of jeans one for $2 that will be crafted into something new and one pair for $4 for Shawn that he will hopefully fit into when it starts to cool down.  I also picked up 2 pks of Colgate Max that had toothbrushes attached they are on sale for $2.99 and I used $1 TQ and a .75 mq.  I don’t generally like paying for toothpaste but for about .60 each hubby and I both prefer this toothpaste and these toothbrushes so it worked out ok and under my limit.  I also picked up a Suave Shampoo and a Conditioner in a scent that I absolutely love after the TQ they were .09 each so when I go back tomorrow I’ll be picking up 2 more I can justify this cost.  We also picked up 2 large bottles of hydrogen peroxide for free using the Target First Aid coupon! 

Now we move on to the school supplies.  There have been a few deals on backpacks/lunchboxes going on but I am really picky about what we buy.  Last year I broke the bank and spent $24 on Funtainers we got a bowl sized one and a thermos sized one well that was about the best money I spent and we are using the same ones again for next year however you have to consider their size when buying a lunchbox which means no buying them online.  Toys R Us currently has a promo where you can get a free lunchbox with the purchase of a backpack which is a great deal but we didn’t take advantage of it because the closest store is just too far away.  DS picked out a Cars2 backpack for $9 and after plenty of inspection we settled on a lunchbox that also cost $9!  I can’t believe I paid as much for it as I did the backpack but it will fit the containers and leave a bit of room for any other food and I feel that it will stand up to the test of time.

We also picked up 2 pks of Sharpies that were on sale for $1 and there for free with the TQ, 2 pks of tape that were also free with TQ/MQ and 2 packs of pens that were $1 and free after TQ.  While I was there I ordered 40 photos (on sale 10/$1) and will be going back tomorrow to pick them up and use 2 TQ to make them free as well.  While I’m there I’ll be using a few more coupons to take home some more freebies.

Some of my work

I’ve had a few of you ask what I make or what something looks like that I mention so I thought I’d post some pictures for you.  I’d love to hear your opinions on any of my pictures, all of my items are handmade and for sale.  I attend a few craft shows and a farmer’s market plus I’m starting to list items on Etsy.  Hopefully once Shawn starts school I’ll be able to attend a few more farmer’s markets.

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Robbing Peter to pay Paul

It’s that time of year again when I have to start restocking the school supplies for Shawn and it’s time to buy him new uniforms for school. BLAH!!  I absolutely love Shawn’s school and I truly believe that this school is the best fit for him what I don’t love is their uniform policy.  I have nothing against uniforms but his school requires you buy very specific clothes that are only sold by one company, no competition means we pay through the nose for the uniforms.  The tops and bottoms are both embroidered just to make sure you don’t go buy the better quality cheaper uniform bottoms some where else.  LOL

Thankfully this year we don’t have to buy everything like we did last year.  We will have to buy a couple pairs of pants but are waiting for it to get colder to make sure they fit in length.  He should be fine with shorts but we do need to get him some new shirts his are faded and well crappy looking.  Of course he also needs a new lunch box and backpack and the never ending supply list (which is surprisingly shorter this year) so I need to “find” the money to pay for it all.

The good news is I found that money it’s in my freezer and pantry.  Precious over at FrugalMakesCents got me thinking about it, she’s going to be living off her stockpile to free up freezer space for the holidays.  That sounded like a great idea, my freezer needs to be defrosted badly so I figured why not try.  I won’t be able to spend as little as she is doing because I don’t have a large enough supply of meat in the freezer.  So for my version we will be purchasing fruits, veggies, milk, peanut butter and bread as normal since this are my regular needs.  We have some meats in the freezer and will be using those and only buying meat when I can get it for less then $2 a pound.  To help keep my pantry from becoming bare (which would give me a heart attack) I will continue to purchase the best deals each week as long as the item prices are less then .50-$1.

I won’t be trying to grow my health and beauty stockpile right now so unless it’s free and I’m going to that store anyways I won’t be picking it up.  I will however probably be making several trips to Target and Staples for their great back to school sales.  Going to those stores will take me past several Walgreen’s and a CVS so if it’s free I’ll be happy to pick it up but I’m looking to spend nearly nothing.  I’m also going to start posting all my purchases maybe even some pics so you all can help me stay accountable.

So are you robbing Peter to pay Paul this summer?  Feel free to share your tips!

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Looking for new recipe?

Sign up here to receive a free weekly email full of delicious easy recipes that your whole family will love!!  This is great for the weeks were you are really feeling in a slump!

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Free Chips at Chili’s

Sign up for Chili’s Email Club and receive a coupon for FREE Chips and Queso.  Plus be the first to find out about new specials and receive any future coupons!!

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Lego Monthly Mini Build

Today at most Lego stores you can take your kids and they can build this

The event starts at 5pm and goes as long as they have supplies.  I would recommend getting there at least 30 minutes early, our local store is always very busy and the line usually wraps around the building.  We go early and wait otherwise you are going to be waiting in line anyways.  Go here to get all the details.

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