Goals for the new year

I am so excited to hear about everyone's new goals for this year. I have been inspired by reading other's blogs and have come up with some goals of my own this year.

1. As with most of the country I would like to lose some weight and work on my health. I'm healthy now and I'd like to stay that way so more exercise and hopefully I'll remember to take my vitamins.

2. Get my life Organized. My husband and I are horrible with schedules but this year we are going to get there. Shawn is old enough that everyone will have daily chores that need to be done, we will be eating, sleeping, exercising, and getting baths (for Shawn) on a schedule. Shawn will be starting preschool later in the year and we'll have to start at some point. To prove the need when we got strict about bedtime with him all the nighttime fighting stopped, he rarely stays up past 9 and when he does he is tired.

3. This is the big one. I am going to do my best to hold us to a $300 + budget a month. The + will be the value of any gift cards earned or rebates earned. This budget will include gas, clothes, food and fun. For some of you it may sound crazy and for others it may sound like a big number but it's one I think I'm comfortable with for now. This will be revisited in a couple months to make sure it's doable and see if I can trim anymore. Under this budget we'll have money to put away for an emergency fund and a family vacation at some point (far far down the road).

Since we have so much I will be analyzing all of my purchases (thanks to Frugal makes Cents for the inspiration). I will be really looking at things and if they aren't free then it will be a do we really need this. There will be good deals that I will use to stock my gift shelf and some that I'll use for my semi annual yard sales, but there will be lots of good deals that I will be passing on. No more running to B&BW for a little freebie with purchase, now if it's a good freebie and I'm going that way for something else than I'll be all over it.

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