Publix run

Just took a quick run to Publix today to check out the clearance Holiday selection. There were some deals to be had today.
Mott's Apple Juice on sale 3 for $6 -$1 mq =$1 each
Duncan Hines Cake $1.95 BOGO -$1 =-.05
Progresso Soups $1.25 -$1.10 printed q =.25 each
Amp $2.59 (this is what I get for taking Dave along)
Santa candles 50% off $1 -$1 PQ =FREE
Ornament Candles 50% off $1.35 -$1PQ =.35 each
Bayer Aspirin $3.29 -$1mq -$5/2 PQ =-.20 each
Uncrustables $2.79 -Free q =FREE
Hotwheels $1 -$1 PQ =FREE

In total I spent $3.65 because I used $7 in catalinas I got at Kmart and convinced the manager that Kmart was a competitor and Publix honors all competitor coupons. Really the Kmart coupons ring up as manufacturer coupons so Publix will end up getting reimbursed for them provided they process them properly.

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