Shawn and I had a blast shopping yesterday. We took Dave to work and then headed out to CVS were we picked up 2 Free after ECB's Complete contact solution and a couple of drinks. I came out ahead on ECB's and used alittle on a giftcard we got free.

Next stop was Kmart to hit up the double coupons again.

This time I got
2 Bubble Mailers $1.49 -$1/2 publix book q =,49
1 Playdough 2 pack $1 -$1 compliment q = FREE
4 Olay 4Bar Pack $4 -$2 Insert =FREE
2 Revlon Tweezers $1.99 -$1 Insert =FREE
4 Revlon Emery Boards $1.49 -$1 Insert =FREE
2 No Nonsense pantyhose $3.99 -$2 peeelie =FREE
15 Cards .99 -$2/3 Kmart =FREE
3 Dove Shampoo $3.79 -$2 Insert =FREE
2 Degree Deodorants $2.69 -$2 Blinkie =FREE
4 Oust Surface and Air $3.50 -$1.50 Insert =FREE
2 Mighty Dog canned food .65 -Free Insert =FREE
Total was $3.03

Then we headed to Old Time Pottery and got a couple of sets of cookie bags for the Christmas cookies we'll be making in a couple of weeks. They have the best prices on gift bags, gift boxes, wrapping paper, and cards so if you have one nearby I recommend visiting. Warning though they are huge places so it may take awhile for first timers. I spent less than $2.50 on a 6 pk of cookie tray bags and a 30 pk of cello loot bags.

Next was USA Baby. I signed up a month or so ago on and got a $20 gift certificate to USA Baby, we finally got out there to use it yesterday.

Everything was in the 80% off corner and now I'll have a few baby gifts for the gift closet just in case. I spent $3.43 there. Not too bad considering regular price for each blanket was $18.

Across the street to Target. Not a whole lot exciting there.
The Airwick's were on sale $4.95 and there were $4 peelies on them. The 2 games I had a raincheck for making them $4 each and I had $5 peelie coupons for them so they were free. The glade has tons of BOGO coupons and $2 off coupons out and are still giving back a $5 giftcard when you buy 4. I also bought some animal crackers that didn't make it and 2 bras on clearance for 75% off. Spent $7.79 on a GC $6.21 in cash and got back $5 GC.

Then we were off to the mall hit the Old Navy first. My grandma had bought me 2 great shirts when she was down visiting but the first time I wore 1 of them the sequins started on raveling so I returned them for store credit (which gets mailed). I went and got these 5 shirts and 2 pairs of clearance flip flops for Shawn and got back .15

Then as a reward for being such a good boy all morning we went to the Build a Bear store and Shawn picked out this guy.

In one of my free magazines (Good Housekeeping I think) I got a $5 off a $10 or more bear. So we left there for $5.33 and a very happy boy who has named his new friend Teddy. Not to creative but he's only 4.

We spent the rest of the day playing at the Magic Kingdom until Dave was done work. We even waited in line almost an hour to go see Tinkerbell. Only because she's new and we don't already have her autograph and that's the shortest I've seen the line since she started. The plus side was it was a little chilly out and we were inside the whole time.

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