I know I have been MIA for a few days now. I have been very tired and dealing with a few things out in the real world but I plan to be back in full swing tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. I'll be doing recaps of my shopping for the past week plus how my budget is working out. Luckily my mother in law will be arriving on Wednesday and that'll get the little man out of my hair for a few minutes to get back to sharing with you guys.

I'll be back soon and look forward to sharing how my year is going. When you have a moment let me know how yours is. Don't forget we are almost half way through the month so we are going to have to look at the goals set and see how they are working very soon. Go clip your coupons and get your deals. Check the left side of my page for blogs I follow, they haven't been taking the week off and have some fabulous tips.

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