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I have recently discovered a great site to help make a little extra money while blogging. The site is called Paying Post, you simply sign your blog up wait for approval and then check out your opportunities. All they ask of you is that you visit their site and write honest reviews. This is a great way to earn some extra money while you are doing something you already love to do. And you get to help your readers make informed decisions about other sites and products. To learn how paying post can help you grow your blog and your bank account just go here for all the facts.
There are so many ways to earn extra cash with your blog but with many of those opportunities you run the risk of junking up your blog and getting away from what your purpose is. With this site you can still post about the things you believe in, not junk up your site with flashing ads for things that have nothing to with your content and you can still make some money. You probably will make significantly more from posting reviews about products you believe than the ugly ads that pay very little. The added perk is that you may draw more viewers/readers with reviews of products where as lots of those ads tend to chase away readers. No one wants to try and read a blog that flashes and loads slowly. I hope that PayingPosts is a site that you may find interesting and helpful in your blogging as it has helped me immensly.

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