My CVS high

I had a great trip to CVS tonight I did three seperate transactions to use my card, hubby's, and my neighbors. It was so good I'm almost afraid to post since surely you'll all think I'm nuts at some point. But tomorrow I'm going to address my seemingly out of control shopping addiction and it's perks.

6 Colgate's $15.00 AC $3 with $6ECB
4 Stayfree Pads $18.00 AC $4.62
2 Zyrtec D Tabs $26.00 AC $18 with $10 ECB for Stayfree and Zyrtec
1 Baby Bottle Pop .13 90% off
4 Red and Silver wrapping paper $1.56 (will use this as birthday etc wrapping throughout the year)
10 Febreeze Candles .79 90% off AC FREE
2 Shimmering Makeup sets $2.98 90% off
3 Sparkling CVS flavored waters $11.91 AC $2.91 with $6ECB
2 Candy Bars $1
3 Soyjoy Boxes $18 AC$15 with $18ECB

OOP $.97
Saved $104.56

For week of 1/08
Total Spent $6.42
Total Saved $146.16

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