Flea Market Day (staycation)

First off if you are ever in the area on a Monday I highly recommend the Webster Flea Market.  It is huge!!!  I believe they say it sits on 40 acres and they have something for everyone.  There is a large Farmer’s Market area, antiques, yardsale type items, new stuff and even a wholesale area.  If you are thinking of visiting in the summer I must warn you there aren’t as many vendors, it’s hotter than hot and you need to have lots of sunscreen on.  Most of the vendors are in covered open air stalls however there are lots that aren’t and you’ll be in the sun between each row.

Here’s some pics of my goodies today.



The first pic is my knock off purchases.  LOL  Those shammys were 4 for $5, they had smaller cheaper ones but after I cut these in half they will work out cheaper and a great deal for us.  I don’t think I can go to this market without buying a purse but at least I got this one for only $10.  The second pic shows the beads I picked up the 2 sparkly strands were $2 each and the other 2 were $1 each, I plan on making some jewelry with those and the basil plant came from the fantastic herb guy who sells all his herbs for $1 each (the mint he sold me last year is doing great and has filled an entire window box)  The last pic is my finds from the Farmer’s Market area, we always wait until it gets close to closing time to buy produce.  We got thata whole flat of strawberries for $5 (the guy on the other end still was selling them for $8) and that strawberry onion was $1

So today’s staycation day cost us about $50 once you add in lunch and drinks.  That’s not too bad for a vacation day especially when I’m hoping to make at least $30 of that back with some jewelry sales.  What are you planning for your vacation this year??  I’d love to hear!!

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mrsblack said...

YUM!! the basil and strawberries are a killer deal!! I love the purse too. Yay! glad you had a good time :)

Precious said...

I love the strawberry deal! What a great buy! Also $ 1.00 for basil. YEAH!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies. We try to restock the freezer this time of year with fresh local strawberries. The guy who sells the herbs is one of my favorite vendors and I'm always looking for him.

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