Getting back in the game

So for the first time in months I went to CVS today!!!  I really need to get back into the drugstore deals so I finally after weeks of saying I should took the step today and went in.  Our allergies have been bothering both Dave and I so I thought we could give the Allegra a shot that is free after ECB’s.  There was a recent coupon for it in the newspaper (3/6 I think) and I had a coupon for Physicians Formula makeup that was on sale.

I spent $6 on my purchases and got back a $6.99 ECB to use next week.  Now to keep it going, find my CVS card and get back into Walgreen’s too.  I really hate that I’ve been paying cash for my newspapers so it’s time to get in there and start getting some of my groceries paid for again.  I’m thinking about posting the best deals I see so let me know if you are interested in drugstore deals!!!

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Michelle said...

I'm a friend from the Purex Insiders! Good for you for getting the momentum back going! It really is worth it, isn't it? I'd LOVE if you'd post about your savings because it would totally give me momentum too!

Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by. It really is worth it, it's just getting going that's tough. I always do great once I'm going, I hope to be posting my trips starting this week I just need to sit down and make my list.

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