Spring Break

Shawn is out of school for the week and Dave is off work.  Of course we’ve been asked a million times so where are you going??  Well in the interest of our checking account we are staying home, we have a few Spring Cleaning days planned and a few "vacation” days planned.

How are you spending your Spring Break this year??  I’m going to be posting what we are doing to save while we have our vacation days.  Today we spent the day at my grandparents hotel room, they have a washer and dryer so we were doing laundry for most of the day there.  They were out visiting a friend so we went and relaxed the boys went to the playground and I worked on crafts when my grandparents got back we visited while finishing up the laundry we brought.  We did 4 loads today so I saved $8!!  Tomorrow we are headed to the Webster Flea Market, we love going there but since it’s only held on Mondays we haven’t been in a long time it should be fun and we’ll probably pick up some cheap veggies and fruits.

Feel free to chime in with your plans!!

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